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Indians-Twins trade

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Twins send

SS Kunitaro Suzuki  Majors

RP Dellin Betances  Majors  100% retention



Indians send

2B Julio Torres  Majors

C Isaac Stephenson  A+

3B Jesse Evans  A

The Twins are trying to add Some more minor league depth, and never wanted to trade Isaac in the 1st place.

Suzuki is the better defender, but Torres will be fine at 2b, and improve our trade options going forward.

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We accept this deal with the devil.

We needed an excellent defensive SS who can get on base and Suzuki fits that role perfectly. He is no stud defensively, but he can get on the bag at a decent clip. We also think Betances could be a bounceback candidate but with the 100% retention, there is no real risk involved on my end.

The prospects are good but blocked by better options and Torres was a fave of mine but oft-injured and can't play SS

I begrudgingly thank Rocky for the deal

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