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BHL season finale S5

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On the final day of the regular season 3 teams were all within 1 point of each other fighting for 1st place in the league. It was all going to come down to the last game for each team to decide who would finish 1st. At the start of the day the Laporte Red Raiders were holding 1st with 177 points by virtue of goals scored at 382. They had 52 regulation wins on the season at this point. Tied with them was my team, the White Mountain Winterhawks, with 177 points. My team had 312 goals and 55 regulation wins up to this point. We were both in the same conference. The third team, in the other conference, was the Red River Rockettes with 176 points. They had 343 goals scored and 55 wins so far on the season.


If the Red Raiders won their last game of the season in regulation they would win 1st no matter what. In fact they just needed to tie in points to win because the first tiebreaker is goals scored. They were facing the 8th placed team in the East.

To get 1st I had to get at least a point and nobody else tie my team in points. I was facing the 14th team in the West.

For the Rockettes to get 1st they either needed to tie my team in points or get more points than the Red Raiders. They were facing the 8th team in the East.


The Red Raiders lost in OT 5-4. This meant that my team needed to win in OT to pull ahead of them and a win in regulation would mean that I would win altogether. My team would win in OT 3-2 after losing my 1st line C a minute and a half into the game. This meant that if the Rockettes could win their game outright that they would finish 1st. Win they did as they ended the game with a 5-1 victory tying my team for points while scoring more goals on the season thereby holding the 1st tiebreaker of more goals scored. Congratulations to Jonathan D on finishing 1st on a very exciting finish to a season that came down to the very last game.


A few extra notes; With that win on the last day the Rockettes held pretty much every imaginable tie breaker over me having more regulation wins and a better GF/GA differential as well. With 4 days left I was 9 points behind the Red Raiders and considered myself out as I had to win at least 3 of the last 4 just to tie whereas if the Red Raiders won even one game they would finish better than me by virtue of the first tiebreaker. The Red Raiders managed to go 0-0-1-3 in their final 4 games and 4-0-1-6 in their final 11 games of the season after beating my team 5-1 in game 68 of the season. My team went 7-1-1-2 over its final 11 after that loss. The Rockettes went 7-0-1-3 in their final 11.

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