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Player form [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Player form

The player form, confidence and health, will influence the player's game performance and affect his game play. So it's wise to keep a close eye on your players' form.
### Confidence
The player's confidence will impact the player's game performance. At the beginning of each season the confidence value will be impacted by how the player finished the previous season but at the same time somewhat equal for all players. The confidence value will not improve or deteriorate instantly so have patience and monitor the value during the season. Pre season games is a great way to boost players' confidence and give them a jump start getting ready for a new season.
Player confidence is mainly impacted by the player's performance during games. Every action the player is involved in during the game may impact the confidence. Also, achievements such as being named star of the game will boost the confidence.
Player confidence ranks (from worst to best): 
Anxious, Uncomfortable, Ok, Good, Perfect
### Health
The player health status will impact the player's game performance. If given too much ice-time or in combination with too hard training the player's health will start to deteriorate. The player's endurance rating will impact how much effort the player can handle before being fatigued. Fatigued players are at greater risk of being injured.
Player health ranks: 
Injured, Exhausted, Tired, Fit
## Player happiness{{player happiness}}
Unhappy players won't perform as well as happy players. The player happiness will also impact the player's development and when the player decide to retire from professional hockey.
What that will affect the player's happiness will vary depending on the player's psychological profile. Things that may affect the player are, but not limited too: game performance, affiliate assignments, contract situation, club and career situation and interest from other teams.
The player happiness ranks (from worst to best): 
Miserable, Unhappy, Frustrated, Concerned, Happy

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