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Manager career [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Manager career

All users have the possibility to have two simultaneous careers in two different game worlds. Managing two teams in the same game world is not allowed and may lead to the user being banned.
### Taking over a team
When a user takes over a team he or she will be assigned an already existing team within the game world that is not occupied by another user. The new user will then have the possibility to customise team name, mascot and colours. But all history of the team will be kept. Just like the move of a franchise in the NHL.
New users may as best be assigned a team att CHL level. That means that BHL, SHL and GHL level is only available through in game promotion or by gaining enough reputation to qualify for a job in that league level. See the manager reputation section for more info. 
### Start new career
To start a new career, use the action menu on your manager page and choose the career option. Choose one of the empty spots and click the button start new career. You will then have the option to choose which game world and which league level where to start the new career. A team will then be proposed and you'll get the possibility to customise both team colors, mascot, city and name.
To switch between careers use the same option from the action menu and click on the select button next to your team.
Also note that your manager reputation will decide which league levels that are available to you.
### Resign from team
To end a career click to manage your career from the action menu and select the resign button. You will need to confirm the action before finalising the action. Once confirmed the action can not be undone.

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