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New features

  • Support for payments with Strong Customer Authentication (Already pre-released in September)
  • Reworked and integrated help files including page guides, quick help and search
  • Introducing - Advanced stats
Help files
The help files are now moving into to the game. To the bottom right of your screen you'll find a big help icon. This is the help menu, from here you can access page guides and all help files. The page guides are a great place to start if you're new to the game while the help files section will explain how things work in a more detailed manner. The help files section also comes with a search function to easily find what you're looking for. Most help files texts have been reworked and many new sections have been added. Even so, there may still be gaps to fill, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're missing some info. On top of this, you'll also notice small help icons in the game. These icons can be hovered for a quick tip and clicked to open the corresponding help files section for further reading. Please note that you can hide these help icons by visiting your manager page and select settings from the action menu.
Advanced stats
In this release I'm really excited to introduce some advanced stats into the game. I've always been a big fan of hockey stats and it has always been a big part of this game, so it's now time to take the next step by introducing Corsi and PDO stats. These kind of stats is a great help when studying teams' and players' performance over a longer period of time. It's a great tool to predict trends and spot slumps. On team and player pages you will now find a second sub menu for these advanced stats. And this is hopefully just the beginning, we're looking to add more advanced stat types and analytics tools in the future.
And if you're now missing some stats from the old views, the missing stat columns may have been moved into the advanced stats section. 
Please note that even if the game engine always produced these kind of game situations we never extracted the stats until this point, that's why stats will start to be collected and displayed from your next game and forward.
If you're new to these kind of stats and want to know more please note that the newly added help files are updated with a new section regarding these stats.
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Small adjustment of game engine.
  • Fixed bug where list offer trade offers could not be completely emptied
  • Fixed bug where waiver claim lottery crashed
  • Fixed bug where salary cap info was not displayed correctly when trade offer included players on IR or waivers
  • Fixed bug where an entry level contract could be offered to overaged players
  • Fixed bug where a trade offer could be accepted by the initiate party
  • Fixed bug where salary demands and salary cap could be unsync after team promoted to new level
  • Fixed bug where trade offers was not canceled on transfer deadline
  • Fixed bug where news item displayed wrong start day for next playoff round
  • Fixed bug where some players was not released properly from expiring contracts
  • Fixed bug where conference info for top teams on world page was missing
  • Fixed minor issues with subscriptions
  • Various layout fixes

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Any info yet to give what features are coming next and what are you planning to add?


This was great update!

See my latest post in Current road map for info regarding upcoming releases


And is it possible to have player advanced stats to league section too like team advanced stats?


Yes, I will try to add this as soon as possible

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