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Jays Offseason 2019 Trade Block

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The Toronto Blue Jays will be looking move all or some of the following players:


WANTS: Prospects of ANY level or position, Controllable/Young Relief pitching, AAAA Starting Pitching



PITCHING - The Jays have 9+ MLB SPs heading into next season, meaning 3-4 of the following WILL be traded:


SP Michael Pineda

SP Justin Verlander

SP Josh Johnson

SP Drew Pomeranz

SP Pat Swain


CL Brian Wilson

RP Kelvin Herrera

RP Johnny Venters

RP Sergio Romo


HITTERS - All of these players are for trade


RF Giancarlo Stanton (we are not sold on trading Giancarlo, but a nice package of prospects and a young MLB piece could make it easy to move him)

1B Sergio Bereda

2B/SS Dan Price



* NOTE: I will look to act FAST at the beginning of the offseason, specifically looking to move a few Starting Pitchers and Infielder Dan Price EARLY.




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