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Rays deadline block

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Rays putting some pieces on the block 



3B Kyle Seager - Decent 2B/3B buried on the depth chart

SS Deven Marrero - Glovely SS who hit .270 in limited time in the bigs this year and .370 in 33 PA last year. Hitting .340 in AAA this season

RF Brian Cavazos Galvez - 4-for-12 in a callup to cover our OF injuries. Good D 

3B Daniel Fleming - Hit 28 HR for Houston last year, and 10 for us in 67 starts this year. 

2B Jason Kramer - .309 in AAA in 43 G, Solid glove, just 27

MR Alexander Colome - Swingman (17 GS) with 3.09 ERA in AAA. Was great for us in 2017 (1.9 WAR out of pen) then just didn't have it last year

SP Austin Brice - Got some of his control back, and 10-5, 2.81 ERA in AAA

1B Rock Shoulders - Out for a month, but raked this year. .293/.331/.523 for 1.6 WAR. .893 OPS vs R

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