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Detroit Tigers - Toronto Blue Jays

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The Detroit Tigers are sad to part ways with local fan favorite Josh Johnson.


In exchange for 60% salary retention over the remaining dollars owed Johnson, the Tigers will receive:




Tommy Hanson, SP

Jeremy Kinney, CF

Michael Wheeloc, 1B

Anthony Chapman, SP

Tyler Callihan, 2B



Josh Johnson, SP 60% salary retained


At the end of the day, the Tigers needed to part way with Johnson and significant salary retention was the only thing drawing offers. By retaining something like $80M over the rest of the contract, the Tigers were looking for players that could amount to a significant contribution in the future.


Wheeloc looks like he could be an OBP machine for years to come and considering the park factors in Detroit we're not super concerned with over the fence type power. Tyler Callihan is a favorite of our scout, Jed Hoyer, who believes he has a special bat.


Anthony Chapman we feel will breeze through AAA and contribute at the ML level beginning in 2020. We're hoping he can be a middle of the rotation (best case) and back-end rotation starter (worst case) during the next Tigers playoff run.


Finally, Jeremy Kinney is a recent draftee that allows us to stockpile another solid prospect while the rebuild continues throughout all levels of the Detroit Tigers org.

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Blue Jays accept the trade. 


The Tommy Hanson experiment did not work in Toronto. Josh Johnson is a much more expensive attempt at #2 starter for our 2019 WS push.


Proven veteran. Playoff experience. Johnson will slot behind Verlander and give us 5 starters we are confident with come playoff time.


We gave up 4 MLB prospects. they will all be great for the Tigers, but our recently acquired prospect depth let us make this deal and still have room to fill in a roster of the future.



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