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Player roles [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Player roles

Player roles are very much like a job description where a player is instructed to focus their game to certain areas. This will let you control which players that are involved in different game situations. 


What roles that fit a player depends on the player's skills. Check the profile tab of the player page to see what roles that fits a player. Also note that by assigning a role to a player he will evaluate his game performance by that role which in the end will impact his confidence.


Roles are also an important factor when setting your forward line focus or defensemen pairing focus on your lineup. See lineup for more info regarding line and pairing focus. 


To assign a role to a player access Player roles from the Action menu on your team page. 


### Playmaker

A playmaker's job is to create scoring chances for his team. If you assign this role to a player he will try to have a lot of puck possession and focus mostly on offense. Others on your team will also try to run as many offensive plays through him as possible. 


Characteristic skills for a playmaker are passing and puck handling.


A player with this role may be unhappy if not given enough ice-time or not producing enough scoring chances and points. 


### Sniper

The sniper's job is to score goals. Plain and simple. Players assigned to this role will focus on offense and will try to find open space in the offensive zone to make themselves available for passes. Teammates setting up plays will also keep an extra eye open on where to find the snipers.


Characteristic skills for a sniper are shooting and puck handling.


Players in this role may lose confidence if not scoring enough goals or not being given enough ice-time to at least create a decent amount of shots on goal.


### Power forward

A power forward's role is to provide both scoring capabilities and toughness to a team. Players in this role will try to take a lot of shots on goal, body check the opponent when possible and will not be afraid to defend his teammates in fights.


Characteristic skills for a power forward are shooting and physical.


When looking back to his game performance power forwards will especially evaluate the number of points and hits during the game. As all producing roles a power forward will also demand enough ice-time to fulfil his assignment.


### Two-way

A two-way forward has responsibilities in both end of the ice. They are instructed to set up offense when possible but also be the one taking the lead on the defense. This will require that the player can handle all aspects of the game.


Characteristic skills for a two-way are defence and passing.


Players in this role will be looking for producing points and having a good +/- at the end of each game. They will also require ice-time to be able to do their job properly.


### Grinder

A grinder is a player that focuses more on hard work and checking than scoring. That means that players in this role will help the team more defensively than offensively.


Characteristic skills for a grinder is skating and spirit


To feel happy about their game performance grinders needs to be credited with hits and takeaways. Since grinders are usually used in the third and fourth lines they won't demand a lot of ice-time.


### Enforcer

An enforcer's job is to deter and respond to dirty or violent play by the opposition. When such play occurs, the enforcer is expected to respond aggressively, by fighting or checking. Enforcer know their role and won't require much ice-time to do their job.


Characteristic skills for an enforcer is physical and spirit.


## Defensemen roles


### Offensive

An offensive defenseman's job is to create scoring chances and produce points for his team. Offensive defensemen will focus on offense, sometimes to the extent that they may neglect their defensive duties.


Characteristic skills for an offensive defensemen is passing and shooting.


Players in this role will look to produce points and scoring chances every game. That means that they will demand ice-time to do their job.


### Two-way

Just like the two-way forward this role will have responsibilities in both end of the ice. The two-way defensemen will try to support the offense when possible but will always have his focus defensively first.


Characteristic skills for a defensive defensemen is passing and defence.


Two-way defensemen will require ice-time to perform well since they're expected to produce both points and have good +/- stats.


### Stay at home

The stay-at-home-defensemen's job is to focus defensively and prevent the opponent from scoring. They will also play tough when possible but won't take part offensively very often.


Characteristic skills for a stay-at-home defensemen is defence and physical.


Stay-at-home defensemen are not requiring much ice-time but will look for hits and not allowing any goals in their game performance.

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