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Roster, Captains and Lineup [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Roster

A team's roster is all the players on the team. To create a complete lineup for each game you'll need to dress 2 goalies, 6 defencemen, 4 centers and 8 forwards. But it can be wise to keep a greater roster in case of injuries. A suitable roster could be something like 3 goalies, 8 defencemen, 6 centers and 10 forwards.


### Team captains

Each team have three player assigned as the team captains where one is the main captain and the other two are named assistant captains. These players will have a large impact on the team's culture and winning instinct. They will also help the rest of the players handling pressure during games and preventing the team from underestimate their opponents.


## Lineup

A lineup consists of four forward lines, three defenceman pairings, two powerplay units and two penalty kill units. The forward lines and defensive pairings have settings where you can assign desired ice-time and focus area. See below.


To edit your lineup choose Lineup from the Action menu on your Team page. 


### Swap and replace a player

To swap and insert players - click the jersey of the player. When replacing a player a window opens that allows you to browse your entire roster divided into each position. This view displays three ratings for each player but the player's name is clickable for full info just as normal. Also note that you can customise which three ratings to display by using the dropdown found at the top of this view. Click the player jersey in the roster view to insert the player. You can also click the cancel button at the bottom to return to the lineup view.


### Ice time

You set ice time for each forward line and each defenceman pairing. The ice-time is set in percentage of a whole game requiring that all lines adds up to 100% and all pairings adds up to 100%. For example, a defensemen pairing given 50% ice-time will get approx 30 minutes of ice-time each game. Note that this is an approximate value. Depending on turn of events, such as penalties, in the game this may vary to some extent.


Depending on the amount of ice-time given your players may be fatigued. Players with great endurance can handle more ice-time. Note that fatigued players have a higher injury risk than healthy ones.


### Line focuses

By setting the line focus you can give the line a specific duty and role in the game. Each line focus has an upside but also a downside. You can combine them in any way you want, for example your first line is set to a scoring line and your fourth line is set to an energy line.


It's important to assign the right type of players to a line focus. Not every role is a good fit. More below.


To edit the line focus open the Line Settings menu found at the top of each line.


#### Scoring

A scoring line's duty is to score goals. The line will focus on creating scoring chances and trying to control the puck as much as possible. To be successful in this line focus you'll need players that is a good fit in your offensive tactic and include roles like Playmaker, Sniper or Powerforward. 


If successful at their line focus the line will create more scoring chances and hopefully create some offensive momentum for the whole team. On the downside the line may become vulnerable defensively.


#### Two-way

The two-way line will focus on both scoring and defensive duties. It will require players that will do great in both your offensive and defensive tactics. Roles like Two-way, Playmaker, Sniper, Powerforward or Grinder is a good fit.


If successful your line will create momentum for your team both offensively and defensively depending on game situation.


#### Checking

A checking line is often matched against an opponent's first in an effort to reduce their scoring, and physically and mentally wear them down. Player's in this line requires great defensively skills in your chosen tactic but also great body checking skills and not being afraid to play dirty. Fitting roles are Grinder, Enforcer, Two-way and Powerforward.


If successful in their line focus they will create defensive momentum for your team but at the same time weaken the opponents offensive momentum. The opponent's players may also get agitated by the checking line making them unfocused.


On the downside this type of line will not be as productive offensively and may even weaken the whole teams offensive momentum during the game.


#### Energy

Usually the fourth line on a team where the energy line's duty is to play physical and give your team a boost. You'll need gritty players that can body check and skate fast. Fitting roles are Enforcer, Grinder and Powerforward.


If successful at their line duties the line will create some good momentum for your team, especially if your team is in a downwards trend or in a slump. On the downside the line won't create that many scoring chances.


### Defensive pair focuses


#### Support offense

Defensemen pairings set to this focus will be highly involved in the team's offense both by moving the puck into the offensive zone and by participating in offensive rushes. The assigned defensemen n need to be able to handle the chosen offensive tactic well and preferable assigned to an Offensive or Two-way role.


If successful the team will gain more offensive momentum but also be more vulnerable for odd man rushes.


#### Stay at home

A stay-at-home pairing will focus on the defense and to obstruct the opponent's offense. Defensemen on this focus assignment need to be good body checkers and have do well in the chosen defensive tactic. Preferred roles are stay-at-home or two-way defensemen.


If successful this pairing focus will inspire its own team defensively and at the same time weaken their opponent's offensive momentum.


#### Match line

If your defensemen pairing is set to match line they will adjust their focus depending on the forward line they are currently playing with. That means that defensemen in this focus assignment need to be able to handle both your offensive and defensive tactics well. Two-way defensemen are preferred.


If successful the defensemen pairing will reenforce the forward lines focus assignment.


#### Dynamic

The dynamic defensemen pairing will try to combine both offensive and defensive duties. This means that you'll need defensemen that have enough skills to handle both your offensive and defensive tactics. Two-way defensemen are preferred.


If successful your pairing will create momentum for your team both offensively and defensively depending on game situation.


### Special teams

Both powerplay and penalty kill has two units where the first unit automatically is the main choice and is given more ice-time. If those players are fatigued during the game the second unit is used. Normally the first unit is used approx two thirds of the time. Also note that you may very well use a forward on one of your defensemen positions in powerplay.


### Goalies

The lineup also has two goalie positions where you can assign the starter and backup goalie. The backup goalie is used if your starter is injured or having a very bad performance and is replaced during the game. 

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