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Player development [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Player development

How much a player will develop depends on the player's talent. But it is also influenced on player form and environment. Also a player need to perform well in order to optimise their development. Players given very little ice-time and/or performing badly in their role may not develop to their full potential.


The player talent is a hidden value and is not visible in the game. But there are ways you can get a hint how likely the player is to develop further. By checking the player's development graph and current progress you can predict if the player is to develop further or not. The prospect ranking list before the yearly youth draft will include this hidden value when making the ranking list.


The player talent is actually put together by six different potentials all affecting different skills/ratings. That means that player may develop further in certain areas all depending on the player's potential in that area. The player potentials are; Agility, Strength, Vision, Precision, Stamina and Courage.


### Age impact

The player's age will also influence how far the player's skills will develop. Some skills will start to develop early in the player's career while others will develop more in a later stage.


Here are some examples of skills that develop in young age:

Players: Shooting, Skating and Puck handling

Goalies: Reflexes, Athletic and Puck handling


And here are some skills that normally develop later in the player's career:

Players: Passing, Physical and Defence

Goalies: Positioning and, Puck control


### Training

All player's on a team will automatically train every day. As a manager you can make some adjustments to the type and intensity of the training. As default players will train both offensively and defensively at a normal intensity. How much a player will develop his skills from training depends on the intensity but also the player's own ambition and how much effort he'll put into the training.


#### Type of training

The type of training can be set to either one of General, Offensive and Defensive. If the training is set to Offensive the players will train the skills required by your offensive tactic. If the training is set to Defensive the players will focus their training to the skills required by your defensive tactic. If set to general the players will combine the two.


#### Intensity

The intensity can be set to either one of Easy, Medium and Hard. As default players are set to Medium intensity. If you are giving the player a lot of ice-time it can be wise to adjust his training to Easy in order to not risk injuring the player. And contrary if the player's is given very little ice-time you can adjust his training to Hard.  The player's Endurance value will influence how much he can take before being affected negatively.


## Player decline and retirement

Generally speaking a player will peak somewhere around 28 years old. After that age he will start to decline. How steep the decline is depends on the player's potentials.


The different skills also declines in various speed depending on age.


There is no specific age when all players will retire. It's most individual and depends on the player's psychological profile, stamina and general happiness. Players with low ambition and leadership tend to retire sooner.

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