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Game basics [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## The game basics

Game Plan Hockey Manager is an online manager game where you manage your own hockey team and compete against other users.


### Competition

The game is played within the context of a game world which means that there are a limited amount av available teams in each game world.


Each game world contains six playable league levels with 28 teams in each level. Together these leagues form the main competition where teams may be promoted or relegated throughout the league levels where the ultimate goal is to win the *Golden Cup* in the GHL.


The available leagues are as followed (from highest to lowest league level):


1. Golden Hockey League (GHL)

2. Silver Hockey League (SHL)

3. Bronze Hockey League (BHL)

4. Copper Hockey League (CHL)

5. Iron Hockey League (IHL)

6. Lower Iron Hockey League (LIHL)


### Seasons

Every season is 108 days long and is divided into the following season modes


#### Silly season - days 1-3

No games are played during silly season so this is the time to focus on signing new players and building your team for the upcoming season.


#### Pre season - days 4-6

During the pre season you have the possibility to invite other teams to friendly games. This might be a good way to get your players in shape and to spot any weaknesses on your team.


#### Season - days 7-86

Games are played on each day of the season making a total of 80 games during the regular season.


#### Season end - day 87

The very last day of the season is used to set up the playoff games.


#### Playoffs - days 88-107

Games may be played on each day of the playoffs depending on the current playoff round status. See help files regarding leagues and playoffs for more information.


#### Playoff end - day 108

On the very last day of the season contracts will end, players will age, new talents will be added and teams promoted or relegated will be assigned to their new league levels.


### Simulation speeds

The game moves forward a day at the time at specific hours. How often the game simulates depends on the game speed. This is individual for each game world, so choose a game world that fits your schedule.


Game worlds come in the following simulation speeds; Slow (24h), Normal (12h) and Fast (6h).


*I.e a fast game world will move forward one day every 6 hours.* 


### Navigating in game

The main navigation is found to the left in desktop mode and at the top in mobile mode. Here you’ll find links to *World page*, *Your league*, *Your team*, *Your manager page/inbox* and the *Transfer page*.


Through these pages you’ll have the possibility to navigate further to access other leagues, other teams and all players.


All players in the game are linked in two steps. The first click will reveal a quick summary card as a popup. This card contains the most basic information about the player. This card also has a link button labeled *Go to player page* which will navigate to the player page containing all player details and information.


### World clock

Right below the main menu you’ll find the world clock. Besides the current day and season mode this area shows a countdown. 


The most common countdowns is to display the next game or the next day. But the countdown may also display other events in the game. Click the countdown for more info. Also note that the countdown is displayed in real hours.


When a countdown hits zero it may sometimes take up to 5-10 minutes for the clock to reset since it’s waiting for simulations to finish before restarting.


### Events and news feed

Simulations occur continuously throughout the day. Certain events happening in these simulations will produce headlines that will be displayed in multiple news feeds. Depending on the origin of the event these headlines can be found on either the league, team or player pages but also in your own manager inbox. The headlines can be clicked to in some cases reveal more information but always to reveal a linked button.


The game is highly detailed and will keep track of game results, player achievements, player transactions, league history and player- and team stats during the seasons.

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