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Manager inbox [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Manager inbox

The manager inbox displays important messages regarding your account, team, players, league and world. The inbox has three tabs; World messages, World PM and Announcements.


### World messages

This tab displays messages regarding your team, players and league in your current world. If you're managing more than one team the world messages will change whenever you change your current team.


### World PM

The world PM tab keeps track of your current PM with other managers in the current world.


### Announcements

This tab displays any important messages sent to your account from admins.


### PM

To send a PM to another managers open the action menu on your manager page and select "New PM...". Choose the recipient manager and write your message. 


In order to reply to a PM simply click the reply button below the message. The original message are then kept within the conversation.

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