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Youth draft [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Youth draft

At the end of each season a youth draft will be held where teams will select the rights to available junior players.


All teams at all league levels will receive a 1st round and a 2nd round pick in the upcoming youth draft meaning that a total of 336 players will be drafted each season.


The youth draft is divided so that each league has its own draft on different days beginning with the top leagues.


* GHL - day 98

* SHL - day 100

* BHL - day 102

* CHL - day 104

* IHL - day 106

* LIHL - day 108


### Prospect rankings

The prospect rankings is a list where all the available juniors (17 years old) will be ranked to help managers finding the top prospects for their teams.


The list will be released in three versions during each season; Initial rankings, Mid rankings and Final rankings. The ranks are based on player’s performance, potential and skill set. Once the rankings are released you will be notified in your inbox where your assistant will give you suggestions on players of interest.


The complete list may be found at the Prospect rankings tab on the Transfer page.


### Draft order

The basic draft order depends on the team's league level.


* GHL 1st round -> 1st - 28th 

* GHL 2nd round -> 29th - 56th 

* SHL 1st round -> 57th - 84th

* SHL 2nd round -> 85th - 112th

* BHL 1st round -> 113th - 140th

* BHL 2nd round -> 141th - 168th

* CHL 1st round -> 169th - 196th

* CHL 2nd round -> 197th - 224th

* IHL 1st round -> 225th - 252th

* IHL 2nd round -> 253th - 280th

* LIHL 1st round -> 281th - 308th

* LIHL 2nd round -> 309th - 336th


The very exact draft pick number will then be decided with a lottery where the worst placed teams will have the greatest chance of winning a top pick number.


The current draft order and draft history may be found at the Youth draft tab on the Transfer page.


#### Teams promoting or relegating

Relegated and promoted teams will switch draft picks with each other. That means that the promoted teams will get a top pick at their new league level and get a great boost to establish themselves in their new league. The relegated team on the other hand will get a bottom pick at their new, lower, league level.


Note that these affected draft picks may actual be owned by another team if acquired through trading.


*Example 1* The East Barre Dynamites has a lousy season and finishes last in the SHL. They are therefor relegated to the BHL. On the other end the Patterson Skyhawks finishes 1st in the BHL and wins promotion to the SHL. Both teams has all their draft picks intact. The Dynamites and the Skyhawks will switch draft picks with each other, meaning that the Dynamites will now draft at BHL level and the Skyhawks will draft at SHL level.


*Example 2* Let’s take the Example 1 above but with the exception that the East Barre Dynamites has traded their SHL level 1st round pick to the Farmingdale Firestorm for a SHL level 2nd round pick and forward Anthon Lindmark.


Like the above example the Dynamites and the Skyhawks will switch draftpicks with each other. But it’s not draft picks owned by the teams that are switched, only the one granted by the team. That will mean that the Dynamites will actually keep the 2nd round pick acquired from Farmingdale Firestorm who in their turn will switch their SHL level 1st round pick (acquired from the Dynamites) in exchange for the Skyhawks’s BHL level 1st round pick.


### Draft preferences - setting your draft targets

You can access the Draft preference view at the Action menu of the Transfer page.


Since the draft isn’t a live event it’s important that you set your draft preferences before the draft is held to have a good chance of getting the prospects you want. This is done by shortlisting the prospects you are interested in.


The best way of finding players to draft is by browsing the prospect ranking list or the junior leagues. It might also be a good idea to check in what range your draft picks are so you won’t waste valuable time shortlisting players that most likely won’t be around when it’s your time to draft. 


Since the league drafts are separated with two days there's time to re-arrange your preferences and find available prospects even if you're picking from the bottom of the list. You can filter out all prospects that have already been drafted by clicking the "Only available prospects" tab option on the prospect ranking list.


Your assistant will also give you suggestions on players of interest each time the prospect ranking list is released.


#### Prioritise shortlisted prospects

Once you’ve shortlisted some prospects you may want to prioritise which prospects to draft first. This is done by clicking the up/down arrow found at the Draft preference view.


You can also set in which round the player may be of interest so you won’t waste a 1st round pick for a player you’d only be interested in for a 2nd round pick.


#### Rank vs Shortlist

For various reasons you might not always want your shortlisted prospects to be the only ones up for drafting. What if the number one ranked prospect is still available and you don’t have him in your shortlist? That’s why you can make additional settings called Rank vs Shortlist. This may be set to three different values:


**Choose any prospect with a significant higher rank: **

This means that even if you have shortlisted players available when it’s your turn to draft your assistant will go for the top ranked player if his prospect rank is significant higher that the ones in your shortlist.


**Choose any prospect with a significant higher rank if matching transfer needs: **

Like the above but with the exception that the player must also match a need set by you in the Transfer need view.


**Always use shortlist over rank: **

By setting this you will only draft players in your shortlist. If no shortlisted players are available the player with the highest rank will be drafted.


### Player rights

Once a player is drafted the team will own the rights to that player until the player turns 21 years old. This means that no other team in the competition (GHL, SHL, BHL, CHL, IHL, LIHL) can approach and sign the player.


The player may however sign for teams in non playable leagues. In that case the player may still be signed by the owner team during silly season.


This way you are not forced to sign every player that you draft if they’re not good enough to play at your league level just yet. They may actually benefit from playing games at a lower league level for a couple of years.


### Draft picks trading

Draft picks may be included and targeted in trade offers with both human and computer teams. Draft picks may like any other target only be traded to teams in the same league or one league level up or down.


Draft picks acquired by trade will still base its overall pick number on the original team’s league standing.


Also note that you may only trade draft picks of the current season. 


### Prospect (player rights) trading

Drafted players that’s not signed may still be traded and therefore included/targeted in a trade offer. Just like for all other targets player rights may only be traded to teams in the same league or one league level up or down.


A team acquiring player rights will not automatically get the player on their roster. They still need to approach the player with a contract offer.


### Entry level contracts

All players under 21 years old may only be offered an entry level contract. The entry level contract will be set to a fixed salary depending on the league level and will last until the player turns 21 years old.


The entry level contract will not include any contract clauses but will be re-calculated if the team is promoted or relegated. So you won’t lose a player with an entry level contract if relegated.


League entry level salaries: 

* GHL -> $750.000 

* SHL -> $200.000 

* BHL -> $50.000 

* CHL -> $17.500

* IHL -> $10.000 

* LIHL -> $5.000

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