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Trading [DONE]

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Updated October 28, 2019


## Trades

A trade is a transaction between two teams where players, player rights and/or draft picks are exchanged. A trade may take place between teams in the same league or one league level up or down. When a trade is complete the players will switch teams but will keep their current contracts. 


Note that player transactions are not available for restricted trials.


### Creating a trade offer

1. Visit the Transfer page

2. Choose New trade… in the action menu

3. Find your target team by using the league and team select boxes

4. Create the offer by adding players on both teams.

5. Check the trade balance and then submit the offer.

6. A message will now be sent to the counter party who will then evaluate the offer.


If you already know your target you can also choose New trade… directly from the action menus on the team or player pages.


### View current offers

All your current trade offers, both which you created and those created by others can be found by choosing Trade offers… from the action menu on the Transfer page.


If you change your mind regarding a trade offer you may cancel the offer by accessing it by clicking the View button and then choose "Cancel offer".


### Responding to a trade offer

If you received a trade offer it’s up to you evaluate if it’s benefiting your team. You may check your assistants notes to get advice (more info below).


#### Rejecting the offer

If the offer isn’t to your likings you better reject the offer. By clicking Reject… a new window will be displayed where you’ll get the opportunity to declare a reason why you’re rejecting the offer. This reason will be sent to the other party.


#### Accepting the offer

If you think the offer is worth accepting then click the Accept button. The trade will then take place immediately.


#### Make a counter offer

You also have the possibility to edit the offer and send back a counter offer. By adding or removing players to the offer received the two reject and accept buttons will be replaced with a new submit button.


### Transfer needs

To make trading a little easier each team have the possibility to declare their transfer needs. A need may be declared in detail or just in general.


A need is declared in three categories; Player position, Need type and Preferred role.


You can declare as many needs as you like but be sure to remove them once you’ve filled that need.


You will find the transfer needs among the assistant notes when creating or responding to a trade offer. Your assistant will even try to give you suggestions of players to target on the other team when creating a trade offer.


### Trade block and player transfer status{{transfer status}}

Any unwanted players can be put on the trade block to let other managers now that they are available for trade. This is done by accessing the Player page and choosing Transfer status… from the action menu. You can set the transfer status to one of either; Trade block, Untouchable or Unknown.


The transfer status will be displayed on the Transfer tab on the Player page. You will also find the transfer status on Transfer page in the Status column when browsing for players.


Depending on the player’s psychological profile he might be unhappy to be put on the trade block.


#### Trade block

If you put a player on the trade block a headline will be created to announce that the player is available for trade.


To find all players put on trade block you may do so by accessing the Transfer page and using the tab option for Trade block.


#### Untouchable players

Players that are set to transfer status Untouchable will not be eligible for trade. That means that it won’t even be possible to include that player in a trade offer.


### Unknown status

This is the default status. These players will be possible to include in a trade offer but won’t be announced as available.


### Player trade value

To help evaluate trade offers each player has been given a trade value. The trade value is displayed on the Transfer tab on the Player page and is divided into four categories; Poor, Average, Good and Excellent. The real trade value is actually more complex than this so it might not always be the case that one ‘Excellent’ player can be traded off for another.


The trade value is calculated by looking on a great number of things including but not limited to Skill level, player potential, player traits, reputation, age and current contract situation.


### Trade balance

To both help creating fair trades both team boards will announce what they think about the offer. If both team boards are ok with the offer the trade balance will show as green on both teams, otherwise an orange color will be displayed on the team's board that dislikes the trade offer.


Regardless of what the team boards say the trade offer can still be made but please note that unbalanced trade offers may put you in the spotlight both from other managers but also from admins that may investigate your actions to see if any cheating is going on.


### Salary cap

A trade may never exceed the salary cap limit on any team so it’s important to keep track of both teams current cap situation. You’ll find this displayed at the top when creating a trade offer. The salary cap situation info will update for every player added to the offer so you can keep track if the offer would send any team over the cap limit.


Even if a trade offer would send any team over the cap limit the trade offer can still be submitted but it can never be accepted until space have been freed for any affected team.


### Assistant notes

To help you out when creating and evaluating a trade offer your assistant will give you hints and suggestions both on your team but also on the situation of the other party. You’ll find the assistant notes at the very bottom of the trade offer window.


#### The assistant will give you information about

* When the trade offer was created and who’s turn it is to respond

* Your current transfer needs and which players on the other party that might be of interest to fill these needs.

* The other party's current transfer needs

* The other party's manager trading reputation

* An evaluation of the other party's trade offer to let you know if it’s good enough to accept or not.


### Trading between different league levels

When trading between league levels it’s important to be aware of the current contract situation of certain players. Players contract situation will be handled in the same way as if the team itself was promoted or relegated.


#### Player moving upwards

A player traded to a team in a higher league level will keep his current contract but it will now be labeled as a Lower league contract. Any one-way clause will be removed.


**Promotion contract clause: **

If a player has a promotion contract this will activate if traded upwards the league levels. His salary will therefor be affected when the trade is complete. The new salary will be displayed next to the player when creating the offer.


#### Player moving downwards

A player with a normal contract moving downwards the league levels will get his salary decreased in his new team. At the same time he will receive a Promotion contract clause so he may get his old salary back if the team is promoted. He will also receive a one-way clause to prevent the player from being traded downwards once more.


**One-way clause: **

A player with a One way clause may not be included in a trade offer that would send him downwards the league levels.


**Lower league contract: **

A player with a lower league contract won’t get his salary decreased since the contract terms was signed in a lower league. If the player’s contract was signed in his new level the contract won’t be labeled a Lower league contract any longer and is then back to a normal contract.


### Manager trade reputation

Depending on how you’re acting when making trade negotiations you will receive a trading reputation. You will start out as Neutral but this might change after a couple of trades. You will find the trading reputation on your manager screen and at the Team info tab of the Team page. Your assistant will also notify you of the counter partys manager reputation if anything else than Neutral.


The trading reputation may be any of the following; Neutral, Indecisive, Hard to please, Compliant, Enthusiastic, Negotiable, Greedy, Reasonable.

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