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Rockies / Royals Trade

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Royals Trade:


SS - Trevor Story (MLB)

RP - Nick McCully (MLB)


Rockies Trade:


3B - Juan Ruiz (MLB)

RP -  Eric Ohflaherty (MLB)

OF - Bernard Blanchard (AAA)

SP - Jason Neal (AAA)

SS - Gustavo Lopez (AA)

OF - Julio Estever (AA)

OF - Jon Wassink (A-)

2B - Tony Martinez (Promoted to R from INT)



Two upgrades we have been exploring throughout the earlier part of the season have been at 3B and in the bullpen. We have been a little hesitant to make any big changes and mess with the momentum of the team.   Recent injuries and poor play have changed our priorities a bit.  Bringing in Story and McCully will replace some currently injured players and give a nice shot in the arm in the offense and the bullpen.  We are also excited about the club house fit for these guys!


This did come at a price!  Ruiz has been a really good contributor in Colorado over the last two years.  His multiple position defense and bat vs. Lefties will be missed.  Ohflarety has played a critical role as a dominant lefty specialist this year.  Blanchard will be missed the most.  He is our #2 prospect and has a lot of nice tools.  Jason Neal is ready for a shot. I have tried to avoid trading for a long as I could but with the depth in the MLB rotation it was hard to get Neal a role.  Lefty, 4 plus pitches, Captain...tough to lose. Estever, Wasnik, and Lopez were also guys we were excited about their potential to contribute in the future. 


Thanks Chappy!  I appreciate the talks and good luck in the future!

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Kansas City confirms.


Let's face it, we're not going anywhere this year so it's time to start thinking about the future.  Story and particulary McCully are very good players but niether are essentail for this organization, so it was time to send them on their way in order to work on this 26th ranked minor league system.


Ruiz and O'Flaherty will take their spots on the big league club, but this deal was really about bringing good young players on board: excited about Blanchard and Neal, while a couple of the other players will hopefully pan out as well.


Thanks Colorado for the patience!



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