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Colorado Rockies Mid-Season Tradeblock

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- Phil Hughes - SP -  My best pitcher as of late. 2 runs allowed in last 22 innings


- Tyler Clipboard - RP - One of the best relievers for me lately.  Hasn't allowed a run since June 2nd


- Eric O'Flaherty - RP - Been awesome as a L specialist this year



Most of the rest of these players would be relatively cheap to acquire.  Low level prospects and/or cash.  Choi and Oconnor are probably the toughest of this group to move.


MLB Hitter Options (AAA & MLB)

- 28yr/old - Ji-Man Choi -C- .292/.361/.535/.896 slash line in 169 PAs last year. 134 OPS+ and 1.7 WAR. This year: .270/.393/.820 w/ 114 OPS+ and .8 WAR.


- 27yr/old - Justin Oconnor -C- Produced positive WAR in limited stints last year.  Dominating AAA this year! Nice cheap backup catcher option.

- 29yr/old - Jackie Bradley jr -OF- Solid all the way around player. Hit .287/.356/.379/.735 in MLB last year. Smoking AAA this year! 550k.


- 30yr/old - Miguel Rojas -IF- 1.9 WAR in 2018 across AAA and MLB.  Solid ratings.  .8 WAR in AAA this year. Great defensive flexibility with elite SS/3B defense. (Currently on DL)


- 28yr/Old - Clancy Hunter -3B- 3 WAR lat year and 1.8 WAR so far this year in AAA.  Ready for the majors.

 - Over 30 -  Ivan Contreras IF and Jemile Weeks IF are both on AAA.  Veteran infield options on MILC contracts.  Decent ratings.  Good defense


 - 27yr/Olds -  Juan Gonzalez IF and Dixon Machado IF - Two intriguing younger MI options

MLB Starting/Relief Pitching Options:

- 31 yr/Old - Garrett Richards - SP - 4 Pitch groundball guy. Pitched well at AAA last 2 years. MiLC Contract!


- 32 yr/old - Jake Arrieta - SP -  5 Pitches! 60 stuff.  MiLC contract!

- 29 yr/old - Luis Mendez - RP - 65/55/55 w/ 60 Fats ball and 70 slider. Pitched well last 2 years at AAA.  MiLC Contract!


​- 33 yr/old - Adam Reifer - RP - 3 pitch righty specialist with 70 stuff v Righties


- 28 yr/old - Kevin Vance - RP - Solid bullpen arm who has pitched well at AAA last two years


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