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White Sox Trade Block

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The Chicago White Sox are open for business this 2019 season.


First, the ground rules.  The following players are untouchable.


SP Bill Black

SP Jeff Wallace

CF Roberto Torres


The following players are explicitly on the block and we are actively shopping:


+ C Caleb Joseph.  Veteran catcher.  Had a 3.9 WAR at AAA before we were forced to call him up recently for our injured starting catcher. He caught 50% of base stealers at AAA and had a catcher's ERA of 3.37.  Seeking a single prospect in return, and not a top one. 


+ RP Derek Law.  28 year old reliever on a league minimum salary.  40 stamina so he can give you multiple innings.  1.87 ERA this year in 33.2 IP, only 18 hits allowed with 31 Ks.  Seeking a single prospect in return.


+ 2B Ruben Lopez.  24 year old second basemen with plus defense and sufficient offense.  Earning league minimum and not yet arb eligible.  Can also play SS.  Seeking a worthwhile prospect in return or a package of a couple decent prospects.  No one elite but would like at least one player who should be a future ML player; doesn't have to look like a future star. Maybe a solid looking corner outfielder, corner infielder, or back-of-rotation starter.


+ LF/DH Eric Thames.  Power hitting corner outfielder, designated hitter, pinch hitter.  Earning $6.95m this year and next.  Had a 1.111 OPS in June at the Major League level with a  341 average.  If a team takes on his entire contract, we want just a single prospect in return.  We are willing to cover salary, maybe even 100% retention, for a better return for a team who needs some added power in their lineup but doesn't have the salary space.


+ LH RP Michael Blake.  Been at AAA this season because we haven't had room for him in the ML bullpen.  10.7 K/9, pitching mostly only against LH batters.  120 ERA+.  League minimum salary. His fastball scouts as a 70 according to my scout.


+ OF Luis Serrano.  Primarily a corner outfielder but can also play center.  Prankster personality, lightens a clubhouse, while hitting for contact and getting on base.  Best of all, he's on a very team friendly contract, earning less than $1.5m each of the next three years after this one.  Was a 2.4 WAR player for Chicago last year in only 99 games.  Limited playing time this year with some injury time.  


+ AAA SP Henderson Alvarez... Minor league contract, 2.1 WAR so far at AAA this season in 17 GS.  Great organizational depth or could be a solid long reliever for a ML club.  Seeking a mid-level prospect in return.  


+ AAA SP Jake Wilson... Left-handed starting pitcher on a minor league contract.  Good depth or could be used as a LH reliever/specialist or long reliever.  Seeking a single low-level prospect in return.


+ 1B Jesus Aguilar... 17 HRs and 893 OPS at AAA in 79 games.  Limited time at the Majors.  League minimum salary.  Can play a tad of corner outfield but mostly a 1B/DH.  Would be an inexpensive get, just a single non-top prospect.


+ AAA 2B Juan Cintron.... defense first player, can excel at both 2B and SS.  Does have a worthwhile bat, better than most defensive players.  Hitting 280 at the AAA level, league minimum salary, still only 25 years old, switch hitter.


+ RF Arturo Cruz (AAA).... We may be willing to flip power-hitting corner outfielder Cruz after getting him from CIN but also acquiring recently Will Anderson and Will Ward.  Projects to be a big-time power hitter who is all but ready for the Bigs.  Would seek a worthwhile return of 2-3 players in exchange.


+ AAA RP Austin Platt... 95-97 velo, 70 stuff (according to my scout), two plus pitches with a 75 rated curveball.  Minor league contract.  Seeking a single player swap.


+ AAA RP Stetson Allie... 97-99 velo, 12.4 K/9 at AAA this season, minor league contract.  40 stamina so can give more than 1 inning when needed.  Seeking a single player swap.




I'm also willing to package some of our minor league pitching depth to get a big time hitting prospect.  If interested, please DM us.


Besides SP Black, SP Wallace, and CF Torres, no one on our team is truly untouchable.  See a player you like?  White Sox are open for business this 2019 trade season.  Inquire on anyone.

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