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Cage GHL Individual Season Awards - Second "hot" take!

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Using my own special formula that is completely arbitrary and unilateral, here are my awards for the inaugural season of the cage GHL season.


Most Valuable Player


Kwesi Cutter - Prairie Stars


Pavel Bure Award for Most Valuable Player to an Individual Team


Clemens Andresen - Union


Garry Bettman Award for Leadership and Community Excellence

Hector Murray - Stray Cats


Bobby Clarke Award for Outstanding Sportsmanship


Jeet Holcroft - Aussies


Most Points Scored


Ian Frerot - Wolverines


Most Goals Scored


Elouan Scott - Red Tide


Most Assists


Patrick Gornell - Red Tide


Plus-minus Award


Aleksandar Schaller - Prairie Stars


Best Forward, Overall


Aleksandar Schaller - Prairie Stars


Best Forward, Offensive


Ian Frerot - Wolverines


Best Forward, Defensive


Elie Cuillerier - Leopards


Best Center


Aleksandar Schaller - Prairie Stars


Best Winger


Jeremy Lawhorn - Wolverines


Best Defenseman, Overall


Adam Bufford - Prairie Stars


Best Defenseman, Offensive


Marek Koch - Prairie Stars


Best Defenseman, Defensive


Tenho Suomi - Ricochet


Best Goaltender


Kwesi Cutter - Prairie Stars


Viktor Tikhonov Award for Managerial Excellence, Innovation, and Leadership -


Eric T - Union :confused: :o :rolleyes: :wub:

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