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For the first time ever, we are willing to listen and discuss a potential deal for C Jose Felix. He recently requested a trade to a contender. We are not sure if we are going to grant his request yet as we still believe he is valuable to the rebuild, but we are kicking off a possible sweepstakes. Seeking a big, legitimate return to usher along the rebuild. Let me know if you are interested, I will add you to the negotiation list and we can exchange some names.


Fun facts about Jose Felix:

  • He's the best defensive catcher in the league. 80 grade at the C positive, 80 grade at catcher ability and 70 grade at catcher arm.
  • Two-time Gold Glove winner.
  • He's a captain with literally the best case scenario for all personality traits. That's high Leadership, Loyalty, Work Ethic, and Intelligence, with low Greed.
  • He makes less than $1.5M per year and is locked up until either his 35th or 37th birthday, depending on the vesting options. He is literally designed to age into the perfect backup catcher role.
  • Great contact bat who is a lock for somewhere in the range of a .285 to .315 batting average.

Again, no guarantee he moves, but perhaps we can talk about it.

GO CUBS GO ... to the playoffs!

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