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Interested in starting a Draft Day Sports College Football League

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Not sure if this is the right place or not, so I apologize if not, but I'm interested in starting a Draft Day Sports College Football 19 Online league.  I've been playing the game online and offline for the past year and half or so and while it still needs some work, in my opinion, it is the best college football sim game(well that's all there is currently I believe) going right now.  I have played several....Bowl Bound, Gridiron Dynasty, Front Office Football, FootballCoach, and this one is by far the most fun I have had.  It's all still fairly new so I expect it to continue to get better.  If you have never tried the game you can get the demo or purchase it here.....

Currently it's 29.99, which seems a little high, but I currently have over a 1,000 hours in it so it's actually pretty good value for your money.  Discounts are offered to players who purchase the following versions as well like the 20 version when it releases, the typical year format used by EA and others doesn't happen here, it could be 6 months or 18months and the current game is always being updated).  It's also available on steam I recommend purchasing through the website because steam users had to jump through some hoops to receive their discount this last time.


One of the main reasons I'm interested in starting a new league is in the 19 version they released a create a coach feature.  So you can create your own coach, you are able to set your stats(There are no limitations on this currently so you can max out everything however there will be restrictions in the league) and your coach's stats will actually progress dependent on how successful you are..... you can also be fired(this is an optional feature, i would like to vote on rules like this once I have a few people who would like to join.  However if you are fired you can take a job at another school it's not like you are kicked out of the league).


I plan to create a league website eventually.  I have worked as a web developer in the past so I have experience in building decent websites anyway, and the game allows exporting through html so it stays updated dynamically on it's own as well.  It also allows players to write up information about their team, if you are into the role-playing part of it a little bit, and export it to the site.  It's not a requirement or anything if you don't want to.


I'm open to ideas on rules, gameplay, things of that nature.  The league I'm currently in we sim every game(we sim on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays so we go through a season in about 5 weeks) and then it hides the scores and you can watch your games play out in a 2D/text format after each sim.  It's actually really fun doing your gameplanning, recruiting, training, and then watching it play out.  However, it also allows you the option to play out each game where you call the plays in that is an option as well.


Once I have few players that are interested I plan on starting a slack channel to discuss things.  But for now, if anyone would be interested, or have any questions you can message me here or email me at [email protected]  Also if you would be interested in joining the league I'm currently in you can contact me about that as well.  We have probably 20 guys or so and you are allowed to have up to 3 teams, not everyone does, so there are plenty of teams available.  This is our league website(it's pretty barebones but this is just the site that is created just by the game itself so it's not moderated and it's still pretty decent)   This is a list of teams and owners so you can see who is available


I'd like to add that I'm in no way affiliated with the development of the game and do not get any money from this so this isn't an advertisement.  I'm just a rabid college football fan and figured there were others like me who are looking to fill the current college football gaming void.


Thanks, and once again I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, and if someone knows of other sites where I could potentially find new players I would appreciate it!

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