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Giants/Twins Trade

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The Giants are sending:


Guy Edmonds C/1B (AAA)

Enrique LLaque (P) (ARL, R)

Arturo Gomez (CF) (ARL, R)

Marcos Bustamente (SS) (A+)


The Twinds are sending:


Jack Duffey (RP) (DFA)



The Giants have been struggling to find somewhere to play Edmond and give him a shot and this trade might be just what Edmonds needs to get 

a shot at some real playing time in the american league with the DH. We were looking to replace the loss of the Lefty Pomeranz from our bullpen

and we are hoping Duffey can fill that role for us this year. Thanks to Rocky for some quick negotiations to get this in during this busy time as an 


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The Twins agree to this deal.


Duffy has value, but we have so many lefties at this point.


Edmonds could be a good bench option, and can hit lefties.

The Other 3 are very far off, but each has a specific skill  that gives them some value.

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