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Comment. Finally, here's the change log of what features and changes that are included in the 2.0 release. Since I've worked for almost a year with the release it's hard to sum up everything that's have been changed but this will give you a good idea of what's included. I will update the help files to include the new features and changes as soon as possible.


Performance updates

  • Major database upgrade
  • Simulators now running on separate (second) server for better performance


  • New design!
  • League Conferences
  • A total of 80 games per season
  • New league: Copper Hockey League
  • Playoff bracket and extended best of 5 playoffs
  • Brand new custom team jersey builder
  • Separated youth drafts for each league
  • Manage multiple teams on same account
  • Reworked player potentials
  • Reworked player generation
  • Reworked transfer deadline
  • Reworked user manager reputation
  • Improved player retirement
  • Improved player development
  • Improved player contract demands


  • Subscriptions with Stripe
  • Numerous bug fixes!


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