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Oakland Athletics Pre-Spring Training Block

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I've got a lot of depth, but would like to consolidate some roster spots ahead of Spring Training. Here's who's available:


Starting Pitchers:

  • Tyler Anderson
  • Ryan Hafner
  • Tyrell Jenkins
  • Matt Moore
  • Carlos Navarro

Relief Pitchers:

  • Raul Alcantara
  • Brian Edelen
  • Josh Edgin
  • Taylor Guerrieri
  • Masakazu Hirayama


  • 1B Lewis Allen
  • 1B Gerardo Rivera
  • 2B Steve Lombardozzi
  • 2B Corey Spangenberg
  • SS Robert Ramirez


  • Brian Fletcher
  • David Vargas
  • Curt Franklin
  • Desmond Henry
  • Avery Barnes
  • David Dahl

I am specifically looking for closer-caliber RP (ideally one lefty, one righty), CF, and RF.  I am also open to trading any of my prospects (and younger guys on my roster like Luis Seda) if I can get a front-of-the-rotation SP.


Otherwise, simply moving some of these guys for prospects who are farther away from the bigs and don't have to be protected for a couple of years would be my preference.  

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Moore and prospects have been dealt.  My focus shifts to starters in RF and CF and 8th/9th inning RP.  Still also willing to move the above pieces for prospects 

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