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Season Length: 82 Games
Quarter Length: 12 Minutes
Playoffs: 7-7-7-7
Team Chemistry: On
Player Roles: On
Trade Deadline: On
Allow CPU Trades: Yes
Injuries: On
Rosters: Current
Sliders: Redlogic's | Superstar Difficulty
Draft Class: 2013 Draft Class

Team Goals

  • Finish the season with no unhappy players
  • Finish the season with a record over .600%
  • Finish the season 1st in the Eastern Conference
  • Advance to at least the Conference Finals in the Playoffs
  • Get Paul George to the All-Star game
  • Be given one end-of-season award

2012-2013 Roster

Indiana Pacers Depth Chart - '12-'13
PGGeorge HillD.J. Augustin
SGPaul GeorgeLance StephensonOrlando Johnson (R)
SFDanny GrangerGerald Green
PFDavid WestTyler HansbroughJeff Pendergraph
CRoy HibbertMiles Plumlee (R)Ian Mahinmi

2012-2013 Team Predictions
  • Winning Central Division by 3.5 games
  • Finishing 2nd in the Eastern Conference
  • Finishing with a record of 61-21
  • Winning the NBA Finals 4-3 vs Los Angeles Lakers

2012-2013 NBA Predictions

  • Best record in the NBA - Miami Heat (64-18)
  • Worst record in the NBA - Milwauke Bucks (26-54)
  • NBA Finals Champions - Indiana Pacers
  • MVP - LeBron James

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(1-0) 97 IND.png @ DET.png 92 (0-1)

Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons
Nov 2, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indiana (1-0)2419193597
Detroit (0-1)2219213092
Indiana Pacers
George Hill312-52-30-0240136
Paul George365-111-21-26233012
Danny Granger359-232-80-06401520
David West346-110-00-09401112
Roy Hibbert347-90-02-28102016
Gerald Green175-80-10-03110210
D.J. Augistin121-10-07-8320119
Orlando Johnson122-41-11-2110016
Ian Mahinmi41-10-00-0000002
Miles Plumlee111-30-00-0400102
Tyler Hansbrough150-10-01-2510011
Lance Stephenson30-10-01-2000001
TEAM TOTALS39-786-1513-1847204101497
Detroit Pistons
Andre Drummond389-210-01-38010019
Corey Maggette318-120-03-45301119
Rodney Stuckey397-190-22-23500116
Brandon Knight325-152-50-02522112
Greg Monroe393-70-00-01032116
Will Bynum174-50-01-1011019
Jason Maxiell163-30-00-0401006
Charlie Villanueva41-11-10-0100103
Tyshaun Prince211-50-10-0243122
TEAM TOTALS41-893-107-103521106892

Quick Recap: This was a very close one throughout the game, with the score being tied in the beginning of the fourth. Danny Granger and the Pacers pulled away in the fourth, scoring 35 points in the quarter to beat Detroit 97-92. All of the Pacer's starters scored at least 10 points except point guard George Hill, who was limited in production. The Pacers will play OKC next at home.

Injury Report: None

Jordan Player of the Game: Danny Granger

Next: Away @ OKC Thunder

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(2-0) 112 IND.png @ OKC.png 106 (1-2)

Indiana Pacers at Oklahoma City Thunder
Nov 3, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indiana (2-0)27243031112
Oklahoma City (1-2)29241736106
Indiana Pacers
George Hill332-50-10-0481024
Paul George359-193-65-54210426
Danny Granger406-162-64-42440418
David West283-60-00-0801206
Roy Hibbert357-110-02-37211116
Gerald Green247-120-28-93131222
Miles Plumlee226-90-00-09111012
Ian Mahinmi42-30-00-1300004
Orlando Johnson51-20-10-0110002
Tyler Hansbrough90-10-02-2310002
D.J. Augustin100-10-00-0130010
TEAM TOTALS43-855-1621-24452312514112
Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook3812-230-02-22320326
James Harden367-110-02-41451116
Kevin Durant3811-261-53-44710226
Serge Ibaka395-60-03-612022413
Kendrick Perkins396-130-00-012121212
Reggie Jackson112-40-02-2230126
Thabo Sefolosha131-11-10-0220203
Perry Jones161-10-00-0301202
Hollis Thompson91-20-00-0100002
TEAM TOTALS46-872-712-184120131014106

Quick Recap: OKC started off quick, grabbing a first quarter lead in which had 9 lead changes in the quarter alone. Danny Granger nailed a three at the buzzer to send them into the second trailing by only two. In the second quarter, the two teams couldn't miss, each one bringing it right at eachother. Neither of them cracked, and the score still stood with OKC up two. The third quarter was all Indiana, however. Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee came off the bench blazing, Green was unstoppable in the paint. Plumlee seemed to get every rebound, thus slowing down OKC's big men's production on the offensive glass. The Pacers had the lead in the fourth by more than 10, but the Thunder came back and made it a close one, pulling to within 5 at one point. Indiana would hold off to win this one 112 to 106.

Injury Report: None.

Jordan Player of the Game: Paul George

Next Game: Home vs Boston (2-0)

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|2-1| 101 BOS.png @ IND.png 107 |3-0|

Paul George Carries Indiana To Victory

AP IND-- Boston started out this game strong, dominating Indiana in the first quarter 38-27, and held the half lead 53-43. If Indiana didn't make some changes to the game plan at the half, it was looking like Boston would carry the lead out and win the game. Coach Frank Vogel would not let that happen, pumping up the team to go out strong, and they did just that, outscoring Boston 33-26 in the third, and following up with a 31-22 fourth quarter lead which was enough to clench the narrow win.

Paul George was heavily called upon in this one, and the twenty-two year old, in his third year with the Pacers answered the call. George came out blazing, shooting a perfect 5-5 from downtown in this one, and finishing up 11-17 total field goals. George also came away with five steals in this one, playing defense and offense great, which translate to great things in basketball. Sixth man Gerald Green also came out nicely, finishing the game with 16 points and six steals. George and Green spent quite a lot of time on the floor together, and are turning out to be a dynamic duo, with both of them being phenomenally athletic. The two are considered a couple of the best dunkers in the NBA, and we saw a few alley-oops to them from D.J. Augustin in this one.

Let's talk about Boston's side now. The starting five had decent production, but one name that stood out was Jason Terry. Terry, a thirty-five year old veteran, knew what he was doing tonight, scoring a season-high 26 points in this one. Terry rounded his game out nicely, with 10 assists and five steals. Paul Pierce also did his part, scoring 18 points and adding up five steals. One thing is for sure in this game, there were a ton of steals. Both teams added up a combined 42 steals, certainly plenty to pass around the player's stat sheets.

Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers
Nov 4, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Boston (2-1)38152622101
Indiana (3-0)27163331107
Boston Celtics
Rajon Rondo374-70-12-45731510
Jason Terry3811-221-63-611050226
Paul Pierce388-182-20-13151518
Kevin Garnett374-60-00-01152338
Brandon Bass355-100-05-69304415
Jeff Green184-50-00-0822038
Fab Melo122-20-03-4301007
Avery Bradley112-30-00-0310024
Keyon Dooling91-20-11-2001103
Jared Sullinger71-20-00-0200022
TEAM TOTALS42-793-1114-254529191027101
Indiana Pacers
George Hill303-61-12-3251029
Paul George3011-175-53-45350430
Danny Granger323-123-102-24000111
David West273-60-00-0622016
Roy Hibbert356-90-00-07031612
Gerald Green275-151-55-73060316
D.J. Augustin185-171-52-20230113
Tyler Hansbrough152-40-01-2800005
Ian Mahinmi111-30-01-2611003
Miles Plumlee101-20-00-0401012
TEAM TOTALS40-9211-2716-22481523123107

Jordan Player of the Game: Paul George

Injuries: None

Next Game: Houston (1-2)

NBA Players of the Week: LeBron James & Kevin Durant

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|1-3| 103 HOU.png @ IND.png 107 |4-0|

Danny Granger, Pacers Hold Off Houston's 4th Quarter Run

AP IND-- Indiana came away with another win, improving to 4-0. The Pacers dominated the first half, up 61-47 going into the locker room at the half. Danny Granger had been playing great, and didn't come out once in the first half, playing through the whole game in fact. In the second half, it was a bit of a different story. Houston outscored Indiana by only two points in the third quarter, but exploded in the fourth quarter, led by Kevin Martin. Houston outscored Indiana by 14 in the second half, but it wasn't enough. The Pacers would hold the lead and win this one by four points. It could be looked at by a seven point Indiana win if you don't count Martin's buzzer-beating three pointer. Let's go on to each team's strengths and weaknesses now.

For Indiana, the focus for them was defense. George Hill came away with a career high 10 steals. D.J. Augustin also stole the ball four times. Jeremy Lin, or as Houston fans might start calling him, the turnover machine, was the fault of 10 of those careless turnovers. George Hill converted most of his points off of fast breaks coming from his steals, and added a few assists on the fast break. Some of the prettier assists of the night came from Hill/Augustin to Gerald Green. Green converted three or four alley-oops in this one, giving the home crowd something to cheer about. Green has been playing outstanding off the bench, coming away with 19 points in 20 minutes tonight. If Green keeps it up, he may be on track for Sixth Man of the Year. Possibly the biggest name out there was Danny Granger, however. Granger was playing like his 2009 self out there, shooting the lights out with 33 points, and balanced out his stat sheet with seven rebounds, four assists, three steals, and a block. This is Granger's season high in points, and was 11 shy of his career high 44 points.

Now for Houston, Kevin Martin was a name that stood out immensely. Kevin 'K-Mart' Martin came away with 24 points and 10 rebounds in this one. Patrick Patterson came away with 18 points and 16 rebounds, Chandler Parsons got 16 points and 12 rebounds, while Terrence Jones grabbed 10 boards and 13 points. Certainly a lot of double-doubles to pass around in this one. If you look at the box score correctly, I guess you could say Jeremy Lin got a double-double too, with 11 assists and 10 turnovers. Not a good one, for sure though. A lot of Houston fans were very disappointed with Lin in this one, and some of them might be asking themselves, "Why did we even get this guy? Lowry was good." Lin also shot an unimpressive 4-13 from the field, and 0-3 from deep.

Houston Rockets at Indiana Pacers
Nov 8, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Houston (1-3)26212531103
Indiana (4-0)27342323107
Houston Rockets
Jeremy Lin374-130-30-271100108
Kevin Martin3811-272-140-010420224
Chandler Parsons357-150-52-212610516
Patrick Patterson328-140-02-316322218
Terrence Jones416-110-11-210131213
Toney Douglas145-91-20-01211211
Royce White141-21-11-2300004
Jeremy Lamb110-10-01-2203223
Marcus Morris81-10-00-0100022
TEAM TOTALS45-964-269-14652713729103
Indiana Pacers
George Hill348-181-62-226100419
Paul George295-101-21-25310112
Danny Granger4813-305-142-37431133
David West376-100-10-010210212
Roy Hibbert313-60-00-0732136
Gerald Green208-212-41-23311119
D.J. Augustin153-60-20-0134036
Ian Mahinmi80-10-00-0610100
Tyler Hansbrough120-00-00-0112100
TEAM TOTALS46-1039-306-9462624515107

Jordan Player of the Game: Danny Granger

Injuries: None

Next On The Schedule: @ Milwaukee

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November 10, 2012 (Simulated)
|5-0| 84 Pacers @ Bucks 79 |0-5|

Indiana Pacers (5-0) at Milwakee Bucks (0-5)
Nov 10, 20121234Final
Top Performers
Indiana Pacers
M. Ellis - 28 points, 2 steals, 3 assists
J. Henson - 15 points, 7 rebounds
Milwakee Bucks
D. Granger - 32 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals
D. West - 11 points, 11 rebounds
Team Stats Comparison
FG Made-Att30-6926-66
3PT Made-Att2-102-10
FT Made-Att22-3325-39

November 13, 2012 (Simulated)
|3-3| 95 - Suns @ - Pacers 122 |6-0|

Phoenix Suns (3-3) at Indiana Pacers (6-0)
Nov 13, 20121234Final
Top Performers
Phoenix Suns
M. Beasley - 23 points, 4 blocks, 6 rebounds
S. Brown - 17 points, 2 assists
Indiana Pacers
D. West - 32 points, 11 rebounds
D. Granger - 24 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks
Team Stats Comparison
FG Made-Att31-7544-90
3PT Made-Att4-146-8
FT Made-Att29-3728-35

November 14, 2012 (Game Played)
135 IND.png @ NYK.png 115 |3-4|

Eight Pacers score in double-digits in blowout win

AP IND-- The Pacers thought they scored high last game against Phoenix, scoring 122. But how's 135 sound? That's right, the Pacers came into Madison Square Garden and put on a clinic on offense. The Pacers up early, outscoring New York 38-24, then keeping it up in the second, outscoring the Knicks 33-30. And the offense continued in the second half, even as head coach Frank Vogel put in their whole bench in the third quarter. Their starters briefly returned for a few minutes late in the third, but after that it was all the bench players doing work.

Speaking of bench players, let's talk about the Pacers' bench production they got. They picked up a chunk of their points off the bench with 50 points coming from the reserves. D.J. Augustin led the second unit with 20 points, four assists, and three steals. Lance Stephenson also helped out a lot, scoring 13 points, nine of them coming from long range. Gerald Green was there, as he has been all of this year, scoring 12 points. Tyler Hansbrough did a great job in this one, as he earned the start at the center with Roy Hibbert out with a sore foot for one to two weeks. Hansbrough grabbed four offensive rebounds, and cashed them in for 10 points in this one. But let's put aside the bench players for now. The reason that they got to play so much is Danny Granger. Granger scored 29 points, and balanced out the stat sheet with four assists, four assists, and three boards. He scored a whopping 18 of his points in the first quarter alone. He's certainly starting to look very good, as he did in the 2008-2009 season, second in the NBA for PPG (26 PPG).

For the Knicks, two guys did really good. The others, eh, not so much. Carmelo Anthony did very nice in this game, scoring 39 points, grabbing eight rebounds, and tallying up four steals. One guy can't win a game though, unless we're talking Wilt Chamberlain in here. He did have help from his teammates though, Amar'e Stoudemire one of them, putting up a double-double with 21 points and 15 rebounds. Four other guys (Kidd, Chandler, Shumpert, Smith) scored in double digits, but it wasn't enough for a win. The Knicks probably found out after this game that defense will win you some games, and lose you some. Their poor defense definitely lost them the game. Jason Kidd turning the ball over 12 times might add to the reasons of the loss too.

Indiana Pacers at New York Knicks
Nov 14, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indiana (7-0)38333628135
New York (3-4)24302833115
Indiana Pacers
G. Hill276-83-40-02550315
P. George296-122-71-33420215
D. Granger3012-193-52-23440329
D. West266-90-04-47000016
T. Hansbrough324-60-02-26311210
D.J. Augustin228-132-52-20430120
L. Stephenson144-113-62-22000113
G. Green194-61-23-42311212
I. Mahinmi252-50-01-2701115
J. Pendergraph40-00-00-0000000
S. Young70-30-10-0110010
M. Plumlee120-00-00-0410000
TEAM TOTALS52-9214-3017-21372517317135
New York Knicks
J. Kidd396-161-41-2310111214
I. Shumpert364-90-14-42240112
C. Anthony4015-251-28-88440239
A. Stoudemire3710-160-01-215311021
T. Chandler396-80-01-29300213
J.R. Smith174-91-42-21011011
S. Novak91-11-10-0000013
K. Thomas61-10-00-0300012
M. Camby120-00-00-0210000
R. Felton100-50-00-0132010
TEAM TOTALS47-904-1217-20442613320115

-Will post game pics later, gotta find my USB-

Trade Alert: The Timberwolves have traded guard Ricky Rubio for Celtic's Avery Bradley.

Next Week: Orlando (5-1), Atlanta (2-3), Portland (1-5)

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I'll post the rest of the games later.. I have one more week and an article to post on here before I'm all caught up.


By the way Chris, can you get rid of the limit for images? I can't post the weekly recaps with the logos because the maximum images in 4.

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I'll post the rest of the games later.. I have one more week and an article to post on here before I'm all caught up.


By the way Chris, can you get rid of the limit for images? I can't post the weekly recaps with the logos because the maximum images in 4.


Done. Let me know if it's working for you.. cheers

General Manager (GM) Games

email [email protected]
website | discord | youtube | reddit | twitch

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November 15, 2012 (Simulated)
113 ORL.png @ IND.png 114 |8-0|

West Carries Pacers To Narrow Victory

Orlando Magic (6-3) at Indiana Pacers (8-0)
Nov 15, 20121234Final
Top Performers
Orlando Magic
J.J. Redick - 19 points, 4 assists
A. Harrington - 16 points, 5 rebounds
Indiana Pacers
D. West - 24 points, 11 rebounds
P. George - 16 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals
Team Stats Comparison
FG Made-Att39-8433-66
3PT Made-Att11-244-10
FT Made-Att24-3444-53

November 16, 2012 (User Played)
|10-0| 123 IND.png @ ATL.png 101 |3-6|

Granger's 30 Gives Pacers Easy Win

Atlanta, Georgia -- The Pacers came in prepared to win, and they did just that tonight visiting Atlanta. More specifically, Danny Granger was. Yep, Granger is the story of another win yet again. Many think he is off to one of his best starts in his career, so far averaging 24.4 PPG, 2.0 SPG, and 4.7 RPG. He once again proved he was the leader emotionally and physically by scoring 30 points (28 of them in the first half, mind you), and averaging out his box score with 5 rebounds, 5 assists, a steal, and 2 blocks. He also attempted the most three pointers in his career, with 14. He made nearly half of them, going 6-14 from deep. He is definitely not afraid to let it fire, and that is what stars in the NBA do.

Now, if you were wondering, what happened to Granger in the second half? as he scored 28 out of his 30 in the first, here's what. It's actually been the story of almost every game of his this season. Granger gets off to a hot start in the first quarter, scoring around 15-20 points in the quarter alone. This gave Indiana a five point margin, but not a large one. Granger then capped of the half strong, scoring about 10 in the second quarter. Then, once the lead has been built (the Pacers had a 15 point lead at the half) the bench players come in and play a good margin of the second half. Frank Vogel mentioned this in his gameplan, that he had to get him going early so they could get a bit of a break in the second half. This especially helps veteran David West out, who is 31. Rest is key.

Another big part of the win is defense. With big man Roy Hibbert out for another week or so (sore foot), Tyler Hansbrough and David West have had to step up in the paint, and they did just that in this game. Hansbrough limited Horford to 4-15 shooting, while West managed high-flyer Josh Smith to a poor 7-22 shooting performance. With Joe Johnson out of the mix, things got a whole lot easier for the Pacers. Here's what Frank Vogel commented on the departure of Johnson. "It definitely takes a lot of pressure off of the defense. Last year, he used to drop a good 20-30 on us, and that left their big men (Smith, Horford) open for easy looks. In our win tonight, we just had to crack down on Horford and Smith. Our other guys could then handle their guards with a lot less pressure and come in to help down low."

The Pacers have the Trail Blazers up next, and then a whole week of division games. They play Detroit twice, Cleveland, and Chicago next week, which will be key if they want to hold down the Central Divison.

Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks
Nov 16, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indiana (9-0)30303429123
Atlanta (3-6)25202927101
Indiana Pacers
G. Hill264-41-13-32930312
P. George277-130-20-15022114
D. Granger2712-266-140-05512230
D. West255-70-01-18100011
T. Hansbrough241-40-03-4812005
L. Stephenson205-113-85-53200118
S. Young194-92-30-07100210
G. Green203-110-51-1310017
D.J. Augustin233-61-20-0274037
I. Mahinmi202-30-00-0600104
TEAM TOTALS48-9713-3614-17542813513123
Atlanta Hawks
D. Harris287-120-02-23410016
A. Morrow387-132-60-06320016
K. Korver383-103-92-45520511
J. Smith397-220-14-410330118
A. Horford354-150-15-713000213
L. Williams183-70-12-2220078
D. Stevenson112-81-50-0301005
G. Oden122-40-00-0300104
J. Teague61-10-02-2010004
M. Scott60-20-02-2300112
TEAM TOTALS38-996-2419-2353199216101

Game Pictures (Couldn't Save Screenshots to HDD)


November 18, 2012 (Simulated)
|3-7| 89 POR.png @ IND.png 112 |10-0|

West Carries Indiana To 10th Straight Win

Portland Trailblazers (3-7) at Indiana Pacers (10-0)
Nov 17, 20121234Final
Top Performers
Portland Trailblazers
J.J. Hickson - 17 points, 7 rebounds
D. Lillard - 16 points, 9 assists
Indiana Pacers
D. West - 26 points, 13 rebounds, 3 blocks
T. Hansbrough - 24 points, 3 rebounds
Team Stats Comparison
FG Made-Att34-7439-84
3PT Made-Att8-182-11
FT Made-Att13-1932-37

Around the League: Bobcats trade Ben Gordon, 1st round pick for Jan Vesely and Jordan Crawford. Raptors trade DeMar DeRozan and a 1st for Enes Kanter. Warriors trade Jarrett Jack, Festus Ezeli to Portland for Luke Babbitt, Joel Freeland.

Injuries: Roy Hibbert out with a sore foot (Listed status is day-to-day)

Next Week: @ Detroit (3-5), vs Detroit (3-5), @ Cleveland (5-4), vs Chicago (8-2) *Going to play every game, as they are division games

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The Indiana Pacers are off to their best record in franchise history, 10-0. Led by small forward Danny Granger (24.4 PPG), the Pacers are sitting pretty at first place in the Eastern Conference. They have won four of their wins by a 15+ point margin.


They certainly haven't had a weak schedule, either. They played at Oklahoma City their second game of the season, versus Boston, at New York, and they completely demolished the Hawks in Atlanta.


So, who can stop the Pacers? They play the struggling Pistons twice this week, then they are off to Cleveland, and close out the week by playing Chicago. Chicago is going to prove to be one of their toughest games of the season, with the Bulls at an 8-2 record.


The interesting part about all of this is that their 7'2 center Roy Hibbert was injured only four games into the season. Tyler Hansbrough has held his ground well at center, even if he is a bit undersized at 6'9. David West has also been able to step up well, with rookie Miles Plumlee (7'0), and Ian Mahinmi (6'11) stepping up off the bench nicely.


The Brooklyn Nets are sitting second behind Indiana at 8-1, also having a great year. The Los Angeles Lakers are holding down the ground in the West at a nice 9-1 record.


If we sit back and take a look at their schedule, we think that Detroit or Chicago could give them their first loss of the season. After November, their schedule is harsh. They will play the Clippers, Thunder, Knicks, Heat, Lakers, and Nets in December, all very good teams.


Whatever head coach Frank Vogel has the team doing, it's working. We'll see just how far they can push their success into the season.

*Note that I am increasing the difficulty to Hall Of Fame, and putting the sliders up a bit for the CPU, so it will be a lot more of a challenge.

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November 20, 2012 (Game Played)
108 IND.png@ DET.png 103 |3-8|

Hansbrough lifts Pacers to win over Pistons


AP IND-- The Pacers, led by Tyler Hansbrough, sailed on to another win to push their success to 11-0 while visiting Detroit. Roy Hibbert's status was day-to-day, but did not play. The Pacers looked good in the first half, going into halftime with a seven point lead, but Detroit started to cut away from it, and at one point held the lead in the fourth. The Pacers would fight back and secure the win, however. Indiana is starting to look scary - very scary. With another win, they continue to dominate the NBA, something nobody expected.

Hansbrough dropped 25 points on Detroit and tallied up a career-high 15 rebounds in the win. Gerald Green also contributed well, scoring 18 points off the bench. Granger scored a little less than usual, but still around average with 18 points. Someone you just have to look at and know they should have done better is David West. West had a horrible game, scoring only four points off of 2-11 shooting. Good thing Hansbrough backed him up well.

Detroit was led by Rodney Stuckey, who dropped in 23 points, and added 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Stuckey was definitely the go-to-guy in this one, as nobody else could find a real flow to their game. Correy Maggette did nice too, scoring 21 points and tallying up 8 assists.

Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons
Nov 20, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indiana (11-0)31271931108
Detroit (3-8)25262131103
Indiana Pacers
G. Hill240-30-02-4452042
P. George306-93-50-02222115
D. Granger347-164-90-05532218
D. West302-110-20-0500014
T. Hansbrough4112-200-01-215420125
G. Green178-122-40-01010118
D.J. Augustin254-70-26-61651114
L. Stephenson132-62-54-41110110
TEAM TOTALS41-9011-2915-18432318714108
Detroit Pistons
B. Knight365-191-32-26611413
R. Stuckey398-150-27-119600123
C. Maggette398-161-24-44820221
G. Monroe397-110-00-210172314
A. Drummond394-40-00-01310438
C. Villanueva144-93-80-05010111
W. Bynum152-50-11-1220045
K. English82-40-10-0101004
TEAM TOTALS42-885-2014-20532614719103

November 22, 2012 (Game Played)

84 DET.png @ IND.png 101 |12-0|

Pacers beat Pistons second game in a row


AP IND-- It was deja-vu for both teams, just two days after their last matchup. The Pacers once again handled the Pistons, this time by a rather big margin. Playing again without Roy Hibbert, they simply dominated the first half, holding an 18 point advantage at halftime. Detroit fought back in the second half, and cut down the lead to single digits a few times, but Indiana was again able to fend them off for a victory. Hansbrough once again scored over 20 points for the third straight game in this one.

Paul George was the points leader for the Pacers, scoring 23 in their win. Tyler Hansbrough once again played very impressively, scoring 20 points and grabbing 5 rebounds. Granger once again dipped in scoring, only racking up 16 points in their win. D.J. Augustin was the sixth man of the game in this one, scoring 9 points, and getting 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. He was in for the majority of the half as Hill shot it 1-9 in the first half, but he came out sharp in the second half and found 11 points, 7 assists, and 4 steals.

Brandon Knight led the Pistons this time, scoring 28 points, and passed it nicely for 5 assists. Stuckey was right behind him for 18 points. Knight eventually fouled out of the game in the fourth quarter, which put their comeback hopes to shame. Knight led the Pistons to a single digit margin with only minutes remaining, but once he was fouled out their playing level went way down, and they collapsed to a 17 point loss.

Detroit Pistons at Indiana Pacers
Nov 22, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Detroit (3-9)2420241684
Indiana (12-0)31312316101
Detroit Pistons
B. Knight3611-222-44-44530828
R. Stuckey377-120-14-45410418
C. Maggette322-70-10-0331024
G. Monroe373-60-00-01230036
A. Drummond322-40-01-1921315
K. English102-40-12-2100016
W. Bynum132-110-12-2210126
T. Prince173-50-00-0300026
TEAM TOTALS33-763-915-154519842584
Indiana Pacers
G. Hill315-191-60-02740411
P. George358-133-54-42221023
D. Granger346-112-42-23022016
D. West282-30-02-21211106
T. Hansbrough359-190-02-35211220
D.J. Augustin264-81-10-0532019
G. Green163-111-30-0200407
M. Plumlee172-40-00-0902304
TEAM TOTALS41-938-2011-134419161111101

November 23, 2012 (Game Played)
|13-0| 132 IND.png @ CLE.png 120 |5-6|

Indiana Narrowly Escapes Defeat, Wins In OT


AP CLE-- The Pacers continued their dominance, improving to 13-0, the best they've been. It looked like they would slip to their first loss tonight, but they somehow got away with the win. They were down 8 at the half, but they managed to make it a 4 point lead after the third. With only about 20 seconds left, the Pacers had the ball, down one point. Paul George made the split decision to fight to the paint and get a layup, but he was denied. The Pacers quickly fouled Kyrie Irving, who made both free throws. A three point deficit, with about 16 seconds left. Their next possession would be the fate of the game. George Hill quickly swinged it to Danny Granger, who stepped back from C.J. Miles, and drained a three right in his eye. The game was tied up, and the Cavs had 7 seconds to work with. Kyrie Irving tried the runner, but fell short, and we were headed to OT. Judging from the line score, you can see how that played out. The Pacers were on fire, scoring 20-8 against the Cavs, and won by 12.

Roy Hibbert made his debut back from injury after missing six games, and didn't disappoint. Hibbert racked up 28 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. Granger definitely found his A-Game again, scoring 35 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Maybe the best game he's had all season. They would need it though, as he hit the clutch three to let them win the game. Gerald Green also contributed 18 points and 7 rebounds from the bench. David West also found his game tonight, and he would need to. Playing the 1-3-1 zone, West got right to the rebound, getting a season high 18, and adding 14 points.

For Cleveland, Kyrie Irving and C.J. Miles did most of the work. Miles had 26 points and 6 boards, while Irving had 23 points and 9 assists. Irving would foul out late in the game however. Dion Waiters did decent in this game, hitting 2 threes and finding 15 points.

Indiana Pacers at Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana (13-0)2822293320132
Cleveland (5-6)213724308120
Indiana Pacers
G. Hill413-50-25-601331611
P. George304-70-14-73010012
D. Granger4313-229-150-010240435
D. West366-100-02-218121214
R. Hibbert4014-180-00-09303628
G. Green257-190-14-57220318
T. Hansbrough214-80-02-25110210
M. Plumlee91-10-00-0220012
TEAM TOTALS53-949-2217-22572514627132
Cleveland Cavaliers
K. Irving309-171-34-539301123
D. Waiters436-142-51-21530115
C.J. Miles4110-262-104-66340126
T. Thompson436-70-04-511221216
A. Varejao332-50-02-3834105
T. Zeller255-90-00-09010010
N. Smith114-91-20-0033009
V. Claver133-60-00-0012106
TEAM TOTALS49-1038-2514-20393024319120

November 25, 2012 (Game Played)
|9-4| 111 CHI.png @ IND.png 117 |14-0|

Hibbert, Pacers, Improve to 14-0


AP IND-- The Pacers swept all of their division rivals this week, improving to 14-0 on the season. They barely did, at least. They were down by 9 at the half, but fought back, scoring 68 points in the second half to win 117-111. They found their first lead off a Gerald Green dunk in the third quarter, and they built from there.

Roy Hibbert. That's all that needs to be said about this game. He crushed the Bulls defense, scoring 28 points, and nearing a triple-double with 12 rebounds and 9 blocks. Aren't they glad to have him back. Green was second in scoring, with 21 points. Green played most of the second half, as George couldn't find his shot. Granger also contributed 20 points, while Hill had 16.

For the Bulls, they needed a lot more D-Rose. Rose fouled out in the fourth with 15 points and 12 assists, but shot it 7-17. Nate Robinson was able to step up and score 20 in presence of Rose, but it wasn't enough as they would lose. Boozer had 20 points and 11 rebounds, but couldn't get anything big going as he got blocked 6 times by Roy Hibbert.

Indiana Pacers at Chicago Bulls
Nov 25, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
Indiana (14-0)30282627111
Chicago (9-4)27223137117
Indiana Pacers
D. Rose367-171-60-131212415
R. Hamilton265-142-34-44131016
L. Deng386-161-50-011400113
C. Boozer3810-220-00-011110120
J. Noah303-70-00-0942246
N. Robinson208-113-41-12210120
T. Gibson153-50-00-0530046
N. Mohammed102-30-01-1401125
TEAM TOTALS48-1078-237-8532912819111
Chicago Bulls
G. Hill355-81-35-52640416
P. George264-111-22-47120111
D. Granger396-152-66-65210420
D. West321-30-03-4831205
R. Hibbert4211-160-06-912119328
G. Green247-130-17-81300121
T. Hansbrough173-40-01-2302007
L. Stephenson61-21-20-0100013
TEAM TOTALS40-775-1532-404120151216117

Transactions: Raptors trade Bargnani, Fields to Portland for Meyers Leonard, Elliot Williams

Next Week: @ PHX, @ DEN, @ UTA

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Raptors look like they got fleeced on that Bargnani deal. Your roster headers are off, you put Bulls players under Indiana Pacers, and vice versa.


Yeah, leave it to the AI to make stupid trades like that, lol.


I noticed that after I posted it, I was in a rush and was trying to get it done fast.

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AP IND-- The Indiana Pacers decided to add some size to their roster, and doing so pushed their roster number to the league-max 15.


Indiana called up 6'11 PF John Ross from the Fort Wayne Mad Ants on Saturday. Ross has been averaging around 30 PPG and 12 RPG this season in the D-League, and the Pacers think he is worthy of being on their team. He signed a one year, league minimum $473,000 contract.


At 6'11, he will be the tallest power forward currently on their team.


Head coach Frank Vogel said this about the young prospect: "We feel like he can fit in here, and maybe get on the floor every now and then. For now, he will be filling a reserve spot along with Orlando Johnson and Jeff Pendergraph, but injuries do happen, and we need to be prepared. If one of our big men goes down like Roy did, especially in the Playoffs, we will be able to back him up. Our scouts are happy with him, and think he has some potential to be a decent NBA player, so we're taking a flier on him.


There have been many good players out of the D-League, such as Jeremy Lin, Dahntay Jones, Marcin Gortat, Ramon Sessions, and more. The Pacers are hoping they have picked up a young stud that can produce at a decent rate.

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Hey Chris, can you take away the post characters limit, at least in the dynasties section? My post had like 170,000 characters or something because it had 5 boxscores. So if you can make it like 200,000 that'd help.

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Hey Chris, can you take away the post characters limit, at least in the dynasties section? My post had like 170,000 characters or something because it had 5 boxscores. So if you can make it like 200,000 that'd help.


Done. I just removed it completely..

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NBA Players of the Month: LeBron James, Kevin Durant

NBA Standings - Updated: Dec 4, 2012
Hawks 51010.00-32-9
Trail Blazers980.52-14-4
Trail Blazers983.52-14-4

NBA League Leaders - Updated: Dec 4, 2012
Points Per GamePPGRebounds Per GameRPG
MIA.png1. LeBron James32.6MIN.png1. Kevin Love11.0
2. K. Durant30.92. T. Duncan10.9
3. C. Anthony29.43. J. Noah10.9
4. M. Ellis28.44. B. Griffin10.8
5. A. Stoudemire26.45. D. Howard10.6
Assists Per GameAPGSteals Per GameSPG
NYK.png1. J. Kidd10.0IND.png1. G. Hill2.9
2. M. Conley8.62. R. Rondo2.7
3. S. Nash8.43. C. Paul2.6
4. J. Holiday8.44. K. Walker2.4
5. R. Rondo8.25. D.J. Augustin2.2
Blocks Per GameBPGField Goal %FG%
LAL.png1. D. Howard2.2IND.png1. R. Hibbert.626
2. S. Ibaka2.12. D. DeRozan.573
3. B. Lopez2.03. J.J. Hickson.561
4. D. Jordan2.04. K. Durant.559
5. A. Drummond1.95. L. James.559
Three Point %3P%Free Throw %FT%
ATL.png1. J. Smith.583PHO.png1. S. Brown1.00
2. J. Dudley.5812. C. Billups.951
3. K. Korver.5793. S. Curry.938
4. N. Smith.5794. R. Jackson.930
5. L. Odom.5485. A. Morrow.929

2012-2013 NBA All-Star Game Rosters
Eastern ConferenceWestern Conference
Head Coach:
Head Coach:
PGD. Rose (686047 votes)PGC. Paul (761355 votes)
SGD. Wade (642078 votes)SGK. Bryant (761355 votes)
SFL. James (957897 votes)SFK. Durant (937214 votes)
PFA. Stoudemire (667025 votes)PFD. Nowitzki (704801 votes)
CA. Bynum (341476 votes)CD. Howard (601153 votes)
PGR. Rondo (508704 votes)PGR. Westbrook (594198 votes)
SGM. Ellis (494013 votes)SGC. Billups (377419 votes)
SFC. Anthony (724966 votes)SFA. Iguodala (399794 votes)
PFC. Bosh (499352 votes)PFK. Love (593793 votes)
CB. Lopez (301955 votes)CT. Duncan (450898 votes)

Indiana Pacers Stats - 2012-13
D. Granger1934.
R. Hibbert1331.
P. George1929.
D. West1929.512.
G. Green1918.711.
G. Hill1930.810.
D.J. Augustin1919.
T. Hansbrough1921.
L. Stephenson179.
O. Johnson35.
I. Mahinmi1910.
S. Young147.
M. Plumlee188.
J. Pendergraph43.
J. Ross - Has Not Played

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