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Indians/Jays Trade

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Jays Send:


SP David Price MLB

OF Joe Gray Jr. A-

SP David Bogaerts A+

RP Ben Camp A


Indians Send:


SP Nick Pickett AAA



These were some of the best trade talks the Jays management has had this season, with a back and forth that finally resulted in the trade we see above. With the Yankees and Orioles moves of this early offseason, along with TB's moves late last season, it had become clear that our 'window' was less 'wide open' than Jays management was willing to 100% commit to. 


Although this deal likely inhibits our deal in the short term, losing a potential 1/2 Starter in David, we feel Pickett has the chance to become a mid rotation force for us in the next 1-2 seasons. Gray Jr. and Bogaerts were pieces we were happy to get in small moves earlier this offseason, as they added depth to our mid-minors, but along with Camp they provided the secondary pieces needed to get this one over the finish line.


Thanks to Ayden for the talks, and we hope David Price dominates for him in all games (except for any against Toronto!) and that a few of the secondary pieces turn into MLBPro players.

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Indians confirm.


We need two things (well, way more than two but you know...). Players that’ll sell tickets and a vet who can hopefully bring some consistencyand wins to this team. Price should provide both. With the lowest payroll in the league currently, we can afford to take on Prices contract which still has a chunk retained by OAK as well. Pickett is nice but I’m concerned with his injury history. He literally had four seperate injuries last season, two of more than 6 weeks, so we felt ok moving him.


Thanks as always Mitch, a more patient man I haven’t met.

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