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Pro Baseball Experience Sim League

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Have you guys always wanted to see how your own player would do in a league? Do you want to try something different than a regular online league where you are the GM of your team? Pro Baseball Experience is for you! In the PBE, you control only one player. You create your player based on certain archetypes like Power Hitter, Finesse Pitcher and can put points into various ratings to improve your player at the start and over time. You then go through an entire career with your player, like in real life. You get drafted onto teams where every other player is also a real person who has created a player like you, get to hang out with them in locker rooms on the forum and on discord and see how your player does in games. We are wrapping up our seventh season, which is nearing the playoffs after our sixth season ended with one of the best World Series the league has ever had. It featured the San Antonio Sloths vs The Vancouver Vandals, the later which won in seven games! We are currently looking for players to join us for the upcoming Season Eight Draft. We need loads of players to help our teams get even better!

Now you may be saying, how does my player get better? Mainly through activity! You earn points through various things like a weekly activity check, season and game predictions, and tasks on the forums to get your player better so that one day they'll end up in the Hall of Fame! All the games are streamed on Twitch using Out of The Park 2019. We even have live commentary just like a real baseball game, which means you get to see your own player play and hear how good they are doing. 

If you sign up now, you'll be eligible for the Season 8 draft and will be able to do "Rookie Tasks" which help your player and give you some money to train and buy equipment for a huge headstart. You will also be able to watch the playoffs live and get a feel of what it is like to be a part of the PBE right off the bat!
Join our Discord channel at
Check out our twitch channel at

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