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Fillmore Flames Tradeblock/Needs

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Hey guys! Fillmore Flame LIHL (was once East Barre Mavericks - day 30ish) is looking into a rebuild since playoffs are looking out of sight heading into the 2nd half of the season and have been for sometime these past seasons. In general, we are looking for young talented players/prospects and preferably draft picks. We are also interested in any defensemen (OFF or TW preferred or nice shooting stat), and physical/spirit/defensive forwards; longer contracts preferred as players do not have much interest in resigning with us as of yet. Here are my list of players I am shopping, though everyone on my roster, including draft picks are assets I am willing to negotiate. My 1st round and UNT players are no-goes. Thanks Fishbowl, and good luck with the rest of the season!


Abbas Godsmark © 24yo, 65 overall, 5yrs/8000. Playmaker/Sniper



Viktor Duris © 25yo, 66 overall, 1yr/13000. Playmaker/Two-way



Abram Prasad © 26yo, 66 overall, 1yr/12000. Playmaker/Sniper



Amit Nettles (LF) 27yo, 63 overall, 1yr/13000. Playmaker/Two-way



Hugo Petljanska (LF) 26yo, 63 overall, 1yr/8000. Playmaker/Sniper



Eliam Marineau (RF) 29yo, 65 overall, 1yr/10000. PwrForward/Two-way/Grinder/Enforcer



Dany Reynolds (G) 26yo, 68 overall, 1yr/8000.



Edit: Removed tradelocked players.

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