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Jays Winter Trade Block

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Blue Jays Offseason Trade Block:


ACTIVELY SHOPPING: (Still will only move if our price is met, but likely these folks move)


LF - J.D. Martinez (Would need a nice package, but have got a few interesting offers)

RP - Sergio Romo (Would go into season with Romo at SU, but if we get 1-2 nice 'spects would move)

RP - Tom Wilhelmsen (Wouldn't cost a whole lot, but not a 'for cheap' guy)


CONSIDERING MOVING: (Would move if I get good value/bring in someone else, can discuss all)


SP - Michael Pineda (Would need a VERY nice package)

SP - Justin Verlander (Also would need some nice young controllable pieces)

SP - David Price

SP - Carlos Martinez

RP - Jonny Venters 

3B/RF -  Alfredo Morales


FOR CHEAP: (Would move for a low prospect/cash considerations)


OF - Carlos Moncrief 

RP - Adam Riefer

1B - Tyler Moore (would move for cash)




SP - Joe Austin

C - Juan Janchez

OF - David Dillon

1B - Donalt Taylor

INF- Victor Adams




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