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  1. Also, I didn't start my game with Akron so I don't know why it shows that, I believe I started with North Texas.
  2. Copied from my Email to pjank42 Hello, I have been playing a few days now and had a couple errors. The first one came when I went to create a playbook I did a "spread" offense with two WR offset on each side and a RB next to the QB. Worked fine until I did a run play then the game crashed. I figured the game didn't like my custom play so I deleted it. Well upon restarting the game I couldnt event log back into my save game (wish auto-save was a feature). It just popped up at a screen that showed some of my stats from the previous game and was unable to continue. It was like it was stuck on the load screen. So I ended up uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it and made a new game to see if that would fix the issue. Well upon getting through my first season with no custom playbook, It crashed somewhere in January during recruiting. I opened the game back up and sure enough, the same issue happened when I tried to load my previous save. It just stays on a screen without the option to continue. If a screen shot is helpful I can send that also. Thanks, ************