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  1. Man city possible, but don't forget PSG .
  2. I agree, but if you really want a realist challenge with Knicks, select " use trade restrictions " and deselect "randomize owner Characteristics " , so Dolan can fire you easily
  3. My 2 cents. Ronaldo and Messi are current the best football (soccer) players, hand down. Ronaldo is most physical and complete player than Messi , but the argentinian is most technical and talented....and has the (almost) same genius as Maradona.
  4. Great work !! Thanks, the photo pack look amazing, essential for a full NBA immersion, much appreciated.
  5. I started with Buzzerbeater and sokker, both browser games....and Football Manager, this year I'm going with DDSP21
  6. Hello, Mac user here, I'm a bit disappointed that there's not native Mac OS, thanks God this year VMfusion is free, I'm very exited to play the best basketball manager game.
  7. Hello everyone's, I'm here for download, I love manager games .