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    Hello. Brand-newish GM Gamer here. Started late January 2020 with Franchise Hockey Manager 6 and added Football Manager 2020 Full and Touch about a month later. The global pandemic then allowed me to expand into Eastside Hockey Manager and Motorsport Manager. A newer iPad at the end of April brought me to Football Manager Mobile, Motorsport Manager Mobile 1 to 3, and Motorsport Manager Online.
    Actually, I have been into PC GM Games since the first ones rolled out in the late 80s, early 90s: Earl Weaver Baseball; Tony Larussa Baseball.
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    What brought me back to GM Games? My wife, my son, and I discovered the Premier League about three years ago. We've even since made a pilgrimage to Liverpool and Anfield. I grew up on North American sports and am quite knowledgeable about the NFL, NHL, and MLB - not so much basketball. However, I knew next to nothing about football (soccer) - its history, development, and tactics - and there doesn't appear to be many books that I found suitable that were available locally. I heard tons about Football Manager and decided to dive in to learn more about the nuts and bolts of the sport.