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  1. Thanks, Chris, for referring me to that terrific article by Gary Cokins. So impressed! Curiously, as I read the article, I was stricken by a few parallels in his and my experience, as relates to career endeavors and how mine also may have been influenced by those early gaming days. Though I never became involved with computer programming, never wrote books or did seminars, I did carve out a career in the Quality Assurance sciences, where metrics, systems, and statistics dominated my work life. I had never previously made that correlation. Also interesting is that my main baseball game collaborating friend kind of went the same way, though via an entirely different path than mine. I'm betting he never recognized that correlation either. I'll have to discuss this with him when we have our next phone chat. It would be truly interesting to me to see how Gary's game results and player statistics compared to those of our games. But, even if Gary's results were still available to review, I discarded all of my game related materials (reams of hand-written scoresheets, box scores, statistical compilations, rulebook/instructions, etc.) nearly twenty years ago, when I relocated back to Pittsburgh. Still have the great memories, though. Thanks, again, Chris. Really enjoyed that article and the memories it triggered.
  2. I'll be 70, this coming summer. I'm kinda just was wondering, as a newby here, if anybody in my age bracket has got story to tell about "inventing" a home-brewed, table-top, rudimentary baseball game, like my friends and I did, way back in the late 1950s-60s. Dice? Playing cards? Compiling stats? Even creating team line-ups -- it all was so much different back in those days when information had to be scraped and scratched out of daily/weekly publications (no internet). It was tedious and time consuming, but SO rewarding. My pals and I chewed up a lot of rainy days inventing the games, and then we consumed mass quantities of Fritos and Mountain Dew as we played those games. Great memories. Got a story to share along those lines? Just askin'.
  3. New to this site, but looking forward to the experience. Thanks for having me.