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  1. Spent so many hours on this and the 95 version way back. That is until they no longer worked on windows, so I'm really pleased to see it now does! Had no idea there was active modding going for this too!
  2. Just joined here after learning that Front Page Sports 98 can actually be played on windows 10. I did get it to work after dusting off my cd and it all goes fine until you start up a game then it crashes so I'd pretty much given up on it at that point. Anyway I voted for OOTP. For me FM has lost its way a bit. It has become a bit of a chore to play and is beginning to feel like a full time job in the last 3-4 versions rather than a game. It takes far too long now to play out a season and I find the whole dressing room dynamic a bit farcical. The half time team talks seem to have way too much of an effect too.