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    Starting our 39th season of Commissioner Simmed games. Teams open.
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  1. Well, I posted something about the PNFL, but it did not show up!!!
  2. The PNFL is a FPS FBPro98 Commission Sim league starting its 37th season in a few weeks. We have over 5,000 custom plays, with new ones added all the time. We have an 18-team league with four openings. We play every week with each coach submitting Plans and Profiles to one of the League Officers for live televised simulations over the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Any game not televised by the League officer is simmed by the Commissioner. We have fine-tuned the attributes of each position, play two seasons per year, and draft one half of the NFL players each year, and the other half for the second season. Check out the website at Charlie (49ers)