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  1. Update: NorHL Tampa has been taken, all the other spots are still open
  2. I have some leagues with spots open for you if you're still looking for one
  3. Hello gamers, I am here to present you some openings in a few EHM online leagues I run 5 Winner Hockey League (5WHL) has 3 openings, Anaheim, Minnesota and Detroit Anaheim has some solid pieces and can compete for a playoff spot Detroit and Minnesota are in the leagues basement and need a lot of work done in order to get them back to contention about the league: we are in the 2022 playoffs and draft rn lotto system: we have 5 winners instead of 3 $81.5M cap cap sheets 7 day sims, with double sims on the weekends Northside Hockey League (NorHL) has 3 openings, Colorado, Minnesota and San Jose Colorado is a cup contender, locked and loaded for anyone who wants to compete immediately Minnesota and San Jose are rebuilding though, and will need a few seasons in order to be competitive again about the league: we are nearing the end of the 2020/21 regular season rn 4 day sims, no double sims save bot $73M cap message me if you're interested in any of these openings