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  1. Orioles Send P Marcus Stroman MLB and 883K in cash to cover the salary for this year Rangers Send Ryan Rolison AAA, Brailyn Marquez (A) and Chris Spenser (AAA)
  2. Baltimore confirms. Holley has been really solid for the Orioles this year but we need to strengthen our pitching staff for the next couple of years. Waldichuk and Guy are both young SP prospects that we hope will be able to make it into the rotation in a year or two. Munroe is a great relief arm that will do his best to replace Holley as best as he can. Thanks to the Rockies organization for working with us on this deal.
  3. Baltimore confirms. We hate to see Steve White's leadership go inside of the organization but we have our sights set on the future. Unfortunately, he was just not in those future plans and was able to bring much more value on the trade market. Pilkington has the skills to develop into a solid starter for the Orioles in the coming years with a couple of plus pitches that will be sure to keep the strong hitters in the AL East on their toes. Bringing Belfour along helps Pilkington with any adjustments that are needed for the move to the other coast, while adding a defensive minded catcher with a decent bat to the O's. Sims has the potential to become a great addition to the O's bullpen in the next couple of years and we are excited to see how he progresses. The Dodger organization was easy to work with and hopefully will enjoy Steve White in their organization as much as we have.
  4. O's Trade - Travis Jankowski - MLB Phillies trade - Max Allen (DL-AA) and Richie Bongiovani (A+) O's still looking to collect young talent to build around, hate to see jankowski go but excited for the future
  5. Orioles agree to the trade so we can continue to get younger talent within or organization. We had the cash to spend as well so we made the decision to help with some of the finances. Pleasure dealing with Soze and the Mariners organization
  6. Orioles send Rafael Luna (MLB) and Gabriel Flores(MLB) Blue Jays send Sixto Sanchez (AA), Nolan Gorman(A-), Ryan Dibble® and Rayne Supple®. The Orioles organization is excited to bring in a top pitching prospect in Sixto as well as a quality third base prospect in Gorman. Dibble and Supple should compete for the future closing spot in a couple of years. Luna and Flores have served the organization well and we wish them well with their future organization (unless they are playing the O's of course!). Thanks to the Jays organization for working through this deal!
  7. Orioles confirm. The Orioles organization is continuing their stockpiling of young talent so that we are positioned to take over MLB-Pro and become a future dynasty!
  8. Baltimore agrees to this trade. The Orioles are attempting to rebuild their organization from the ground up. Ideally we would have liked to keep Aiken apart of those future plans but saw an opportunity to gain multiple prospects of his caliber to help with the rebuild. Gonzalez will be the heir apparent to Gallagher at the catcher position. Ferguson has a bright future as well and hope to have a similar impact as Aiken did for our team. We fully expect all of the assets that were acquired to have an impact on the future of this organization.