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  1. i know that alot of people go watch a game of hockey only because the fight. Fight is a horrid think, and GM of nhl know this but dont remove from the game, because he knows if he do this the games have great chance to die. I only want help gameplan became more real possible. Days ago i talking with a friend of mine here in Brazil about footbal and he told to my that him dad like watch hockey because the fights that thinks turn the game more diferent than soccer and other sports.
  2. i see now that have fight in game, congrats, but the heart feature of hockey can improve. bring rivalries between teams and players, put feature to enforce that when in line avoid injuries of their teamates and promove injuries to adversaries players, injuries in fights is good way too. how about a list of most feared enforcers at league, this is inovation regards others hockey browse games. sorry my english, thi isnt my mother language
  3. hello. Thanks for the answer. I saw around 10 penalty card of games of my team, have all kind of penalty but dont have a single fight. Today dont have many fights, but is there fight yet in hockey and this is part of game. Ice hockey is know to be a violent and phisical play and this part is missed by all games of hockey manager and too gameplan. My sugestion to gameplan is put a kind of strategy turned to a violent game, for example if you have a goon (enforce) in line you avoid injuries to your players and grow chance of injury of adversary other team what force the other team have other enforcer. Other thiink nice is detail the fight like ehm do, put chance of injure in a fight is a good move too.
  4. What problem have hockey manager online have with the main feature of hockey that is the fights? Out USA, canada people know hockey only because of fight is a VERY important feature of the game, have persons that watch a game of hockey only to see a fight. Why is out? I sugest hockey gameplan put a robust fight engine in the game, and quick, make hockey more like he is, a fisical game, not a soccer in ice.