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  1. Brewers accept Lawrie has been a fantastic player for us while the rest of the team has struggled the last few years. We would have loved to keep him around to be apart of the new success we project to have but, we do not believe we will compete for a world series in the next few years. Bringing in Kerr in to help our future success was the key to this trade we look for him to make and impact and be an everyday 3rd baseman for us.
  2. Brewers accept Hashimoto has been a decent pitcher but the spot in the bullpen are limited and we felt other left handers in the organization would be a better fit on the team. thank you to soze for the quick negotiations.
  3. The brewers accept this trade. The way our roster is right now we have lots of cap room to work with and taking on these contracts for one year does not hurt us in the long run. We love nady as a hitting coach and want to keep him around. Grenier is a soldid defensive infielder who we think can contribute in a couple of years. Ramos is brought in to be a lefty specialist and add depth to the organization. Thanks to matt for the negotiations and wish him the best next year.
  4. The Brewers approve this deal. Looking at our lineup for this next season the infield is set but the outfield still has some questions. We believe that Smith can add some consistency with his bat and play close to average defense in RF. Ramos is a tough loss but with the way our bullpen was setting up for this next season he may have been an odd man out. Thanks to Jonathan for the conversations and best of luck to him in 2021
  5. Milwaukee sends: Max Flora 1B AAA Colton Hock RP AA Doug Sanchez SP A Tampa Bay sends: Michael Hicks CL MLB This deal may be a suprise to most since we aren't competing for anything this year but Hicks is only 25 and we believe can be a key piece to the back of our bullpen as we turn the corner to contending in the next few years. Flora was hard to give up but he is ultimately blocked at first base. Thank you to Tampa for the quick negotiations to get a deal done today.
  6. The brewers accept. We are hoping Arias can continue his success and help our bullpen gain some stability over the next few years. Thanks to the Rockies for the negotiations and understanding through the process.
  7. Milwaukee sends: Wily peralta MLB (retain remaining salary) New York sends: Joe Holler 3B AA Shane Springer P AAA Jorge Gonzalez 3B AAA peralta has been a solid pitcher for us this season but with some AAA pitchers ready to make their debut moving him was necessary. Bringing in a couple of 3B depth pieces and Springer who can contribute to the bullpen in the future was worth it.
  8. Brewers accept. Burnett was never going to remain the everyday starter but his poor performance to start the season made him an expendable piece. Hampton being able to play 2B is a big reason why this was a good swap for us.
  9. Brewers send: Matt Jenkins 3B MLB $3 million in cash Mariners send: Keegan Thompson P AAA Andrew Moritz OF AA Jenkins has been a decent player in his time with the Brewers but he is not the future. Keegan Thompson may not be a starter at the major league level but we see him being a contributor either way. Moritz is a depth OF piece with blinding speed that can help out our minor league teams at a minimum.
  10. Milwaukee sends Anthony Seigler C (A) Atlanta sends Bill weaver SS (A+) We have several good catching prospects with 2 making their debut this year. SS is a position of need and Weaver is a good defensive SS that we think can contribute in a few years.
  11. I accept The brewers bullpen is not where it needs to be and minerak could be a right handed specialist that could help right now.
  12. Mori is a good prospect but has struggled at AA and is blocked by several pitchers at the AAA level. Calhoun is a good defensive outfielder with a +zr this year and can help out lineup against right handed pitching
  13. I accept. Richardson is a good players but his path to the majors is pretty well blocked. Moran Has good upside and you can never have too many bullpen prospects.
  14. I accept. Getting Stevens to be a solid defensive backup that can help the major league team right now puts us in a good position for this year and for several years to come. Pearson is a good pitcher but with the depth of pitching we have in front of him he was an expendable piece. We look forward to how these pieces will help us win now and in the future.