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  1. Brewers accept We have been looking for a RHB for the outfield and we feel Garcia has more power in him than he has shown. Thanks to Jonathan for the quick negotiation and good luck in the coming years.
  2. Brewers Send: Stryker Trahan C MLB Cubs Send: Hunter Dunn P A- Trahan has been a good backup catcher for us the last couple of years but this year he has struggled to hit the ball making him expendable. Dunn has the possibility to grow into a a bullpen piece. Thanks to Jabs for the quick negotiations and we wish him and Trahan all the best.
  3. Brewers send: CF Bobby McDonald MLB Rays send: 1B Bradley Archer A P Cole Sands AA With the Brewers bringing Torres in McDonald who has not lived up to expectations became expendable. We believe Archer can be an adequate MLB 1B and a good DH and Sands has the ability to be a solid middle relief or set up if his change up develops. We wish McDonald and the Rays all the best.
  4. Brewers trade: 3B Ryan Kerr MLB LF Blake Rutherford AAA 2B Patrick Fitzgerald AA C Rob Markley A+ P Jordan Wicks A White Sox trade: CF Ronaldo Torres MLB One of the weak spots in the Milwaukee lineup has been CF. With the division as tight as it is, and upgrade needed to be made. Torres will come in and play CF everyday and bat lead off. We see him as a possible all star. Giving up Kerr was a tough decision as he was getting ready to take over 3B but with La there we felt comfortable making the move. Thank you to Greg for the quick negotiations and I wish him all the luck in the AL.
  5. Brewers accept. This off-season the front office was happy with last year's success but was not willing to sit still especially with how much cap space we had available. Bradley is a middle of the rotation starter who will slot in as our 5 and help create an incredible staff. Thanks to soze for the quick negotiations.
  6. Brewers accept. We believe Greinke is gonna have a bounce back year in the NL Central which is not as tough as the AL West. Greinke adds depth to the starting rotation and moves Lacy to the bullpen where we think he can be more effective. We wish Smith, McDermott and Oakland all the best.
  7. Brewers accept. Jankowski was brought in last off-season as a stop gap in the outfield. Now the brewers have 6 outfielders on the big league roster and someone has to be moved. We wish him and Heinz the best going forward!
  8. Brewers Send Bill Weaver SS AAA Dave Jones P A+ Astros Send Bill La 3B MLB Last season the Brewers were carried by their pitching staff so coming into the offseason the goal was to upgrade the offense. La has a high contact ability and good eye allowing him to get on base alot. Weaver is a great defensive player but offensively had some limitations so he lost favor with the front office. I am excited to see what he does and wish him and Matt the best of luck next season and beyond.
  9. Milwaukee sends Cayden Grenier SS AAA Jason Perry 1B AA Richard Gallardo SP AA Oakland sends Jon Dixon RP MLB We have been looking for another bullpen arm to come in and help in the late innings to take some pressure off the guys we already have and Dixon matched what we wanted. Gallardo has a bright future and he will be missed. We wish all the prospects and the A's all the best this year and in the future.
  10. Brewers send: Dwight Smith OF MLB Padres send: Daniel Cabrera OF SA TRI city Dwight smith has been good but not great and has been pushed down the depth chart by other guys. Moving him opens up a roster spot we can use to bring up another rhb to balance the lineup. Thank you to Sean for the quick negotiations.
  11. Brewers send: Mikey Moniak CF MLB Javier Moran RP AA Mariners send: Joc Peterson LF MLB The offense has been struggling lately and the goal was to bring in someone who could provide so home run potential to the lineup. Peterson has hit 35+ home runs each of the last 2 years and is a good fit for the team. We will miss moniak but he was not getting much playing time and we wish him and the mariners the best of luck.
  12. Brewers trade Jesus Armando Sanchez RF AAA 500k cash Pirates trade Bobby McDonald CF AAA Rick Bennett 1B A This trade is pretty straight forward we like sanchez but McDonald's versatility in the outfield and high contact rate is more of a fit for what we are building.
  13. Brewers confirm Eaton deserves a chance to play in the majors again and that is not going to happen here. Brinson can be a right handed bat in the outfield this year if needed.
  14. Brewers accept Lawrie has been a fantastic player for us while the rest of the team has struggled the last few years. We would have loved to keep him around to be apart of the new success we project to have but, we do not believe we will compete for a world series in the next few years. Bringing in Kerr in to help our future success was the key to this trade we look for him to make and impact and be an everyday 3rd baseman for us.
  15. Brewers accept Hashimoto has been a decent pitcher but the spot in the bullpen are limited and we felt other left handers in the organization would be a better fit on the team. thank you to soze for the quick negotiations.