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    CTGames got a reaction from bigv932009 in Application not starting with real team mod   
    Btw. Could you try to zip the folder and sent it to me at [email protected]?
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    CTGames reacted to Wontti in Real Team Mod 2021 season   
    Filling my 2nd post so I can download this great mod for great game!
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    CTGames reacted to pitchoule in Crashing at the end of season   
    it's sended.
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    CTGames got a reaction from pitchoule in language   
    We would first have to change parts of the code for that, so when we look into the task, we will get back to you ūüôā¬†
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    CTGames reacted to pitchoule in Preseason Practice report   
    when I received the mai of PreSeason Practice report.
    Twice, i have see a guys in "Great Effort" and "didn't have the best practice" (Screen Shot in attachment).
    in my screen shot, we can see "Wayne Beiersdorfer" in good and Bad group of this report.

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    CTGames reacted to markusaurelius in CFB best team for stories?   
    USC, Alabama, or Texas are probably the easiest to start with since they're all located in recruiting hotbeds with a good deal of tradition. Places like Wyoming, New Mexico, or UTEP/UTSA would probably be the hardest.
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    CTGames reacted to tydollasign35 in What do you like most about CT FM?   
    I downloaded it to see what the game is like. I was always a big fan of the recruiting aspect of the EA games. I am hoping that it is a bit of a challenge to turn around a little school like Kansas. RCJH!
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    CTGames reacted to Thebestkevin06 in Welcome to the CTFM forum   
    Game is really fun, one of the best free gm games I've found.
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    CTGames got a reaction from [email protected] in Edit Player Details?   
    At the moment yes, but it might be changed later
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    CTGames reacted to Rageous in Roadmap   
    I appreciate the Team for taking the time to make this, especially since it's free
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    CTGames reacted to [email protected] in CT football manger   
    This game is really cool and unique but for the real teams and how to get them into the game can someone make a walkthrough of that on youtube so i can seee exaclty what to do that will be realy helpful thx 
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    CTGames reacted to cgietl95 in Welcome to the CTFM forum   
    just a heads up Norton doesnt like this  very much it wont allow the game to run and thinks the exe is a virus so Norton users will have to work around that to get it to work
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    CTGames reacted to kgor93 in Sim Season   
    Could you add an option to sim the season, or even multiple seasons?
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    CTGames reacted to wrigleydog13 in Welcome to the CTFM forum   
    Hi...looking forward to trying the game out...
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    CTGames reacted to bigv932009 in Ideas for features   
    Hello again and thanks for the new updates in 0.7.1.  I  have a suggestion to ensure that the different arch types for philosophies on offense and defense be added. For example; offense = smashmouth: 60% run 40% pass or spread: 60% pass 40% run. Defense = Runstop: 60% run coverage 40% pass coverage, etc. I have noticed that if I do set the current offense  setting in the current system under strategies, they do not save for the entire season once set. They rever tback to 50/50 and I have to manually set them before each game, which is fine but I would like to have a set philosophy throughout the season. At least on defense anyway. Thanks for a great game and I will continue to donate and support you all.
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    CTGames reacted to Zeppelin462 in Roadmap   
    Keep it up, team! I've been playing a different simulator recently, and it just doesn't feel like I have much influence on the game. I'm looking forward to more and more improvements on what looks like a much more in-depth game in this.
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    CTGames reacted to caveman in Roadmap   
    Cant wait to try this out.
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    CTGames reacted to chocothunder in Roadmap   
    keep up the good work
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    CTGames reacted to JoeFather23 in Feedback & Reviews   
    Very excited to play after watching the draft had a boost to play !
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    CTGames reacted to kgreen64 in Welcome to the CTFM forum   
    excited to play game
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    CTGames reacted to novaspectre06 in Release of 0.6.1   
    I've really enjoyed playing the game so far, keep up the good work, and I hope you can keep on improving this already really promising game
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    CTGames reacted to Madd20 in Editor and teams' philosophies   
    I'm new to this game and I have to admit it's a pretty little gem, kudos to the creators.  Just a couple questions, guys:
    - is a more flexible editor in your plans? I mean it would be great to be able to edit data for all the teams, you know...
    - would it be possible in the next updates to adjust the teams' philosophies to the real thing? I mean, setting the heavy run for teams like Navy, Air Force, Army...and the heavy pass for Hawaii, Texas Tech, SMU...It would be a lot more exciting and realistic.
    Thanks a bunch, guys. 
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    CTGames reacted to Damian in Release of 0.6.1   
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    CTGames reacted to Damian in Welcome to the CTFM forum   
    Found this on Reddit, loving this project!
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    CTGames reacted to tallywood in Welcome to the CTFM forum   
    this is an incredible project. thank you so much!