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  1. Good day! I am a fairly new manager here, and I need some information about focus assignments. I couldn't find any resource on that anywhere, but feel free to redirect me to a thread I may have missed. My team has played a pre-season game today, and it appears that although I have made sure that each player in my lineup has its role matching the focus assignment of its lane, the assistant report for my game still mentions that some of my lines had "major problems with their focus assignment". For instance, my third offensive line, with focus assignment "two way", composed of three players whose roles are set to "two way" had these major problems. Can anyone help me understand what is going on? Are those "major problems" a big deal for the performance of my team? What can I do to fix these problems? Also, if you happen to know, I'd be interested in knowing whether its considered helpful to even run an energy line? I've always had my two first lines be scoring lines, my third line a two-way line, and my fourth line a checking line, but I am unsure whether that's the way forward. As I said, I am pretty new here, so throw all the information you can at me! I want to learn as much as possible Cheers! - Lemon