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  1. Pirates agree to this trade. The Pirates have remained quiet on the trade and free agent front but finally made a splash. This was a tough move to make but with Bregman's demands to resign after this season made it the best time. With 4 quality young starting pitchers and a young catcher coming back the future stability of the Pirates continues to improve. We have a long term focus on being able to field a competative team every year.
  2. Pirates confirm. Tilson has been a guy we have unofficially shopped off and on since I took over but needing some flexibility made it more a priority than in the past.
  3. Pirates confirm. We wish Perez and Gonzalez the best in Oakland. Both guys were tremendous players and will be missed but we needed to fill some depth spots in the minors and prepare for the possible loss of Moore at 1b next season. Good luck to Oakland and maybe we will meet in the postseason soon.
  4. Pittsburgh agrees to this trade. Diaz was tough to deal. He provided the team a tough out at the plate and potential to knock an average number of balls out of the park but did not provide the defensive skill set we are looking for at this time. We see Kenny Nurre as equal at the plate and an improvement in the field. Nurre will report to AAA tomorrow. Jonah Ryan shows a lot of upside. A lefty reliever at 22 years old, he will have time to hopefully develop a third pitch and work on his unreliable control. Ryan will report to A ball tomorrow. Green, Coffman, Barron, Cordero, and Langworthy will all report to Bradenton rookie league tomorrow. Thanks for the talks Eddie. A lot of back and forth but we got something done.
  5. Pittsburgh agrees to this trade and welcomes Coffman and Green to the organization.
  6. Pirates confirm this deal. Thanks for the easy talks.
  7. The Pirates agree to this trade. With Bregman at 3rd for the foreseeable future Gill was a piece we felt could be moved. The return of 3 quality pitchers will help solidify the rotation for the remainder of the season and hopefully for several years to come.
  8. Pirates confirm this deal. Luis Comacho is SP. Full rebuild now in full swing.
  9. The Pirates agree to this trade. Lance Hartgraves was better suited to the American League in our opinion and was not in our plans for the foreseeable future. The Jays were looking for some MLB ready depth at C and 1B and we were looking for more minor league depth which Toronto had. Hopefully these new additions will progress at a steady pace and get some MLB time in the next few years. Greg
  10. Pirates agree to this trade. Tink Jones was a well respected member of the Pirates organization and his dedication and sportsmanship will not be forgotten. Pirates management made the tough decision that we are not at a place where Tink's talents can be utilized in a playoff run and he deserves the opportunity to play for a contender. In return Cleveland offered some very good prospects in our opinion that will hopefully be a big part of the Pirates future. The Pirates organization would like to thank the Cleveland Indians for the easy talks and wish them the best this year.
  11. Greg here from Southeastern Pa, wondering if there are any current openings.