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  1. My sig was doing the same a couple weeks ago, i just wasnt formatting it correctly
  2. Hi! Managed the White Mountain Monarchs to a 12-1-1-10 record (BHL/Biscuit) after the previous season being 0-1-2-57 under management of computer lol. Ive managed 24 games, so ive had the game for about a month and ive loved it. Now manage the Victoria Cougars in BHL Cage Also have a team instagram so give a follow if interested! https://www.instagram.com/victoriacougarsbhl/
  3. Thats what i did but in mobile. Now i tried on PC and its fine. thx
  4. Yeah I did. And when I do, this happens to my signature and the page never loads right https://imgur.com/a/4FLEk37
  5. Um when I do what the instructions ask, for my signature, the page with a post of mine on it won’t even load
  6. Ohh you meant on Instagram.... I thought you meant tag on this forum.. thanks! Also announce when you have an Instagram, I’ll follow ya!
  7. I saw a very similar idea on this forum before, but it doesnt seem that account exists anymore. I have created an instagram account to document my future BHL team! Trades, scores, signings, everything! If youd be interested, feel free to give it a follow!! https://www.instagram.com/bhlbellingham/
  8. Its like $2 a month man. And a much deserved $2 at that. Just get a $25 giftcard and use that for a season.
  9. Off topic but why is the game stuck? Day clock has been at 0 for hours and there wasn’t even a game yesterday....
  10. wmrobbins

    Season 17

    Well im new at least, so ill be here for Season 18 ))) hi guys