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  1. Month 3 Nothing much as changed. Amir continues his torrid pace. The Savages still have a 2 game lead and the Brawlers still control the Continental Division.
  2. Mid-Season Round-UpAs the All-Star break has finally appeared over the horizon, it means that the season is half-way through. While there is still many more games to be played and highlights to be made, the first half has given us a good glimpse at the remaining parts of the season that lie ahead. As commissioner of the league, I believe that I have the best resources available to make predictions for the rest of the season. But if you have any thoughts, feel free to put them down in the post. Predictions: Southern Federation: -------------------------------- I got to go with the Bloemfontein Brawlers winning this division. They are the best hitting team in the league (Most Runs Scored and Hrs, 2nd Highest Avg) and have a solid pitching staff led by Jamal Uki and Ibulaim Mzale. The The Nairobi Storm will finish second in this division giving them a play-off berth. They have the best player in the league Malik Amir and nothing else much, but the Safari Men just don't have any piching whatsoever and aren't the greatest hitting team either. Northern Federation ----------------------------------------- This is a tough one, Kampala and Doha are both very good teams; Doha a great hitting team and Kampala a great pitching team. I give Kampala a slight advantage, so the Naturalists are my pick to win the Coastal Division. They 3 great pitchers, Habte Iregi, Tamir Bin Maudad, and Salheddine Nkundiushut, and they also have one of the best hitters in the league, Adinew Kumbufu. While Doha, is a very good team with great hitting and good pitching, I think that Kampala will eek them out. Well, now to Casablanca, they're terrible. Their best hitter bats .250 and their best pitcher has an ERA of 3.67. Awards ---------------------- Southern Federation: Mvp: Malik Amir Right now, he holds the Triple Crown. Do I need to say more? Cy Young: Jamal Uki Right now he's 4-2 with a 2.95 ERA and leads the UFAB in strikeouts with 85. RoY: Husien Talib He's won RotM every month so far, so I expect him to continue his nice pace. Northern Federation Mvp: Adinew Kumbufu So far, he has 12 Hrs, 31 Rbis, and is batting .285. If not for Amir's torrid pace, he might be considered the best batter in the entire Federation. CY Young: Habte Iregi He has a 1.71 ERA and is 5-2. Great stats, also trails for 3rd most Ks in the league by 4. RotY: Endale Sang Just like Talib he's won every RotM award this year. I also give him an edge over Talib as well. Play-offs ------------------------ Overall, I think that Kampala's going to win it all. I just have a feeling. They have OUTSTANDING pitching and above average hitting. Bloemfontein's a very good team and will meet Kampala in the finals, but Kampala will prevail in 6.
  3. At long last, we are about half-way through our inaugural season. So, time has come for the All-Star game. The winner of this game will secure home-field advantage during the African Cup for their league. Fans are anticipating a great game filled with league favorites like Malik Amir, Adinew Kumbufu, and Tamir Bin Maudad. I myself give the Northern Federation a slight edge overall, but it should be a good game! Here is a more in-depth look at the teams:
  4. The day has come for the Amateur Draft! The Casablanca Generals have the First Pick and fans hope that their pick is the right one because the Generals are STRUGGLING. Pick 2 Goes to the Brawlers and Pick 3 is the Storm's.With the first pick, the Generals take....... Hakim Tagmaoui. Hakim is a right-fielder who seems to be a great fielder and a decent hitter. Here's how the rest of the draft turned out:
  5. Some major changes have happened in the League Standings after another month. The Bloemfontein Brawlers (1st month 8-11) now lead the Continental Division at 21-18, and the Doha Savages still lead the Coastal Division at 23-13. Husien Talib & Endale Sang grabbed RotM honors. Ibulaim Mzale & Habte Iregi won PotM. Malik Amir & Adinew Kumbufu won BotM. Here are the power rankings: 1) Doha Savages 120.0 -16 = 2) Bloemfontein Brawlers 115.0 +38.2 +2 3) Kampala Naturalists 110.0 +29.7 +1 4) Nairobi Storm 90.0 -16 -1 5) Dar es Salaam Safari Men 68.0 -15.7 -2 6) Casablanca Generals 36.0 -16.2 = News --------- So far, Malik Amir has the Triple Crown .343 13 Hrs 40 RBIs. The Kampala Naturalists have 2 pitchers in the Top 3 in Wins and ERA. The Doha Savages are the best team in baseball. The Casablanca Generals futility continues with another 6-win month.
  6. After one month of regular season play, the Doha Savages lead the Coastal Division at 13-5 with the Naturalists 4 1/2 games back at 9-10, and the Generals 7 1/2 games back at 6-13. In the Continental Division, the Nairobi Storm lead the division at 11-7 with preseason favorites Dar es Salaam 2 1/2 games back at 9-10. In third place are the Brawlers at 8-11 and 3 1/2 games back. The power rankings at the end of the month look like this: 1) Doha Savages 136.0 2) Nairobi Storm 106.0 3) Dar es Salaam Safari Men 84.3 4) Kampala Naturalists 80.3 5) Bloemfontein Brawlers 76.8 6) Casablanca Generals 53.8 The Southen Federation Rookie of the Month is Husien Talib. He has 2 homers 13 RBIs and is batting .333 The Northern Federation Rookie of the Month is Degife Maalin He has 0 homers 4 RBIs and is batting .438 The Southern Federation Pitcher of the month is Wagih Wanyanga. He is 4-1 with a 2.30 ERA and 22 Ks The Northern Federation Pitcher of the Month is Mitsunari Sato. He is 3-0 with a 2.12 ERA and 38 Ks. The Southern Federation Hitter of the Month is Malik Amir. He is batting .300 with 9 homers and 25 RBIs. (On a side note, while no one expects him to keep up his numbers, he's on pace for 60 HOMERS AND 167 RBIS in a 120 Game Season) The Southern Federation Hitter of the Month is Mourad Nimeiri. He is batting .353 with 5 Hrs and 14 RBIs.
  7. As the Offseason officially comes to an end, the players can finally lace up and get ready for the inaugural season. After a lax Offseason, players and fans alike are filled to the brim with anticipation of what is to come. They might have gotten a small glimpse into the future when the BNN released their annual Preseason Predictions. At first glance, it seems there's been a mix-up with teams now playing either 79, 80, 81, or 82 games instead of 120. Expect a schedule change in the offseason if this is the case. The Dar es Salaam Safari Men have the best predicted record at 50-32 and the Doha Savages have the second best, 43-36. The Nairobi Storm have the worst predicted record at 29-50 followed by the Casablanca Generals at 38-44. Malik Amir is predicted to lead the league in homers with 24, Husien Talib is predicted to lead the league in RBIs with 70, and Jaleel Bin Isma'il is predicted to lead the league batting .329. On the ptiching side, Iccaam Abeden, the #1 Draft Pick, is supposed to lead the league with 8 wins and in ERA with a 1.88. Jamal Uki is predicted to have the most Ks with 101.
  8. At this point, the offseason is half-way through. As predicted, no major acquisitions have occured but some free agents have been signed, notably the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th ranked FA on my list (Wolde-Selassie, Oswald, and Al-Fayed). Also, the Nairobi Storm traded Debebe Daraja. a 28 year-old 2B with 2 star overall and 2 1/2 star potential, to the Bloemfontein Brawlers for the 28 year-old SP Sammer Mor (also 2 star overall and 2 1/2 star potential). Lastly the Top 100 Prospects list was published. The Top 3 Prospects being: 1) Sifal Funsani Bloemfontein 2) Gebre-Tsadik Anihla Kampala 3) Endale Sang Casablanca
  9. Prediction: It doesn't look as if the Offseason will provide too much drama as this is the first year of the league and I don't think teams will be willing to trade their newly drafted players unless a dire need of player. The free agent market is obviously weak after the draft, but my list of the top 10 free agents is: 1) Harb Muntasir 2) Wolde-Selasse Kiongo 3) Kieron Oswald 4) Antar Radull 5) Gerard Rogerson 6) Paskar Al-Fayed 7) Craig Hanbury 8) Abdeljilill Kondo 9) Ali Ngumi 10) Yaman Abdul-Matin
  10. The UFAB schedule is a bit different than you've grown accustomed to while watching the MLB. Instead of playing 162 games, teams play 120 games. This is due to the size of the league. In the future when more teams join, the schedule will most likely expand as well. Also, the regular season starts in November instead of April because of differences in climate. Lastly, the top 2 teams in each league qualify for the playoffs. There is a diagram explaining it below. Awards in the UFAB are the following:Pitcher: Mound Master AwardBatter: King of the Plate AwardRookie: New Kid on the Block AwardFielding: Sensei of the Field Award
  11. Finally, the day of the inaugural draft has come. This day is an important for all the teams throughout the league as it will determine the success of their franchises for many years to come. Overall, the biggest question is, "How will the picks turn out?" Will they be huge busts, overwhelming successes, or just mediocre, decent picks. For now nothing is certain, but in time we will see. Picks 1-6 are in this order: 1) Casablanca Generals, 2) Nairobi Storm, 3) Kampala Naturalists, 4) Dar es Salaam Safari Men, 5) Bloemfontein Brawlers, and last but not least, 6) Doha Savages....... And with the first ever pick of the United Federation of African Baseball draft, the Casablanca Generals select.............. Iccaam 'Uncle' Adeben, a 28 year-old pitcher from Kenya. Asset: All-Around Here's how the rest of the first round turned out: 2) Malik Amir a 28 year-old 1B from Kenya Asset: Power 3) Adinew 'Numbers' Kumbufu a 30 year-old 1B from Tanzania Asset: Pow 4) Ejigu Moyo a 25 year-old RF from Kenya Asset: Well-Rounded 5) Jamal 'Skip' Uki a 25 year-old SP from South Africa Asset: 96 Stuff 6) Urdighis Machupa a 29 year-old RF from Uganda Asset: 87 Power Here's a look at first five rounds:
  12. Africa, the birthplace of human life, a land of majestic animals, and filled to the brim with sights of beautiful landscapes, what else could it need? A baseball league. This is where I come in. I, Edmund Stillwater, a 60 year-old English industrialist who just happens to have a strong passion for baseball. I have recently been informed of a potential chance to open a baseball league in Africa. Of course, I immediately jumped at this opportunity and began searching for the cities to be the founding cities of the league. After about a year-and-a-half of planning, the United Federation of African Baseball (or UFAB, for short) was founded. League offices are located in South Africa, a former British settlement and relatively stable country. Starting out, there are 2 sub leagues, the Northern Federation (NF) and the Southern Federation (SF). Each league has 1 division with 3 teams in it. In the North, there are the Casablanca Generals, the Nairobi Storm, and the Kampala Naturalists. In the South, there are the Doha Savages, the Bloemfontein Brawlers, and the Dar es Salaam Safari Men. The division in the North is the Coastal Division and the South has the Continental Division. The league's inaugural draft will be held on January 1, 2014. I will not be controlling any teams, as I will be the first ever, Commissioner of African Baseball Operations (or CABO for short). If you want any other information, just say so and I will provide.