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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Quick update   
    I thought I 'd owe you all a quick update on what's been going on lately. The last month has been crazy and I've been falling behind with almost everything, this game included. I have in the last couple of weeks started both a new job and a small renovation of the house. And with everything else that's going on in the world right now I have not been able to put in that many hours on the game lately. 
    So please accept my apologies for the lack of updates and not responding to questions and emails lately. I will do my best to catch up as soon as possible. But today I finally managed to make an update fixing the current bugs with scouting reports and draft preferences.
    I have started working on the v2.3.0 update. I will share some more thoughts regarding this update soon.
    Thanks again for your patience!
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    StevieY reacted to Chris in Review of Game Plan Hockey Manager – Where simplicity is the key (rainsilent)   
    With limited resources to put into development simplicity is key and it is what makes GPHM shine.
    Before I start the review of Game Plan Hockey Manager I have to note a few things. First, the game has only two people working on it and they work on it in the spare time that they have in their busy lives. Second, this game has a $1.99 monthly subscription fee. It has a one month free trial though for anyone that wants a taste before they jump in. Finally, I have been playing this game since June of 2015. I enjoy the game. There is going to be some degree of bias as a result. I am going to try to remove as much as possible for the review.
    Game interface
    The game interface itself has a rather basic look and isn’t that flashy. It sticks to being rather basic, outside of the ever present faded, large team logo in the background on the left, while having a few nice touches here or there depending upon where you are in the menus. On the team page there is a team jersey in the top right with the logo and team name on the front. If you are on a player page there is a team jersey with the player’s last name and number on the back. It is a nice small touch to an otherwise simple visual interface.
    Read the review
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in v2.2.2   
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Fix bug where scouting reports could not be created Fix bug where saving draft preferences did not work or could not be sorted properly
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Scouting Report   
    An update (v.2.2.2) was released today that should fix this problem.
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    StevieY reacted to AlexanderRasputin in [SOLVED] Overtime/Shootout Bug   
    Entire thread with examples and details below.

    Let's get this fixed, as this is an issue since 2017, it routinely comes up, and it impacts gameplay.
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    StevieY got a reaction from Steve in Cage trash talk   
    I'll take a guess at it...the Alligators.
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in [SOLVED] Scouting Report   
    Yeah, sorry, forgot to post here as well.
    A couple of bugs have been fixed, but there's still one bug causing the dialog on Transfer page to crash if the scouting request list is empty. Posted a message in game about this. Working on a fix.
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    StevieY reacted to Kyle44 in [SOLVED] Scouting Report   
    He posted it on the general chat that he fixed it
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in v2.2.0   
    New features
    Scouting Browse previous seasons Friendly games during playoffs Coupon code support (Pre-released in December) Start career wizard (Pre-released in December) Scouting
    By scouting a player you can reveal hints of the players' talent, future development, get tactical insights and other information that's normally hidden. You can use this function to learn more about your own players, finding the best tactic for your roster, finding the best transfer target or scouting the prospect list for the upcoming youth draft. More information and how this works can be found in the help files.
    Browse previous seasons
    It's now possible to browse stats, standings and more from previous seasons. A season dropdown is available in selected views in the following pages/views: League page: Standings, Team stats, Playoff, Schedule and Player stats. Team page: Schedule and Player stats. Transfer page: Transactions, Youth draft and Prospect rankings.
    Friendly games during playoffs
    For teams not participating in the playoffs it's now possible to arrange friendly games.
    Bug fixes and improvements
    Computer teams will not always accept friendly game invites Improved AI on computer trading Fixed bug where waived players could be included in trade offers Fixed bug where pending contracts was not transfered in trade
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    This would improve the free agency for sure! I will add this to the future backlog.
    It's coming real soon. The new scouting feature is actually finished and I'm making some additional bug fixes and improvements. Couldn't make the release as promised in January but expect this in the beginning of February.
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    StevieY reacted to Smashvilles4Realz in Season 7 Chat   
    Then New Hartford Whalers are proud to announce the teams new collection of home-away-alt jerseys!         Be sure to order yours today!!
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    StevieY reacted to rainsilent in GHL playoff matchups   
    So I may have had a rather busy Friday and forgot to put up a match up preview for the finals. Oops. Well your getting one late anyways.
    #3 Sheshegwaning Dragons vs #2 West Chicago Hawks
    Regular season series: 2 wins Dragons
    I think this is likely to be a close series even though one game has already been played. The Dragons have the better offensive team talent wise while the Hawks play a more complete team game that emphasizes strong defensive play. If the Dragons had a goalie I felt like I could trust I would say that this is the match up of the two best teams in the league. Outside of the net it certainly is in my mind. I am really looking forward to seeing how this series plays out.
    Honest confession: I'm pulling for the Hawks in this one for the simple fact that he has his entire team playing in a way I wish I could get my team to play. Either way, best of luck to both teams.
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    StevieY reacted to Wick Schozen in Playoff Stats   
    I love this game so I don't want to rag on it too much. But it seems a little baffling that one of the key pillars of the allure of this game is supposed to be "love for stats" as stated on the home page and yet we don't have league player stats for the playoffs!
    On top of that, something I have previously brought up, if you look at the team history page not a single manager can decipher where a team finished in the playoffs based on the current description of where they finished in the playoffs. While implementing a player statistics page for playoffs may be a large amount of work to include surely just changing the phrasing of "playoff 2" or "playoff 3" to "round one exit", "round two exit", "lost in GHL Cup finals" would not be that hard to adjust.
    That being said, still love the amazing achievement Anders has done with creating this game. I just feel like some of the smaller things are getting overlooked in favour of larger projects that are continually pushed back because of the scale of work required to complete them.
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    StevieY got a reaction from Peekaboo in Season 6 Chat   
    My Black Knights finished in 6th place, first season in CHL.
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    Happy new year and thanks to everyone who played this game and made 2019 to such a great and eventful year! Let’s do our best to make 2020 another great year.  We’re currently planning a new release in January including a cool new scouting feature. So thanks again and stay tuned for more info next year!
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    Here's a few lines about what we're currently working on. For the next upcoming release we will have two focus areas. First, we will add a few features that will help new users getting familiar with the game and some features to help the marketing of the game. Secondly we will continue to add more micro management features such as any of detailed training schedules, scouting, individual tactics/lineup assignments. 
     And we're still planning on introducing league awards, all star game assignments, national teams as soon as possible. We will also try to improve the possibility to communicate with other managers and overall improve the online presence in the game. For a releases a little further down the road I can reveal that I've begun a rough draft (still on the sketch board) on how to implement player/manager interactions and player relations. And viewable/live games is still a relevant feature for the future.
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in v2.1.0   
    New features
    Support for payments with Strong Customer Authentication (Already pre-released in September) Reworked and integrated help files including page guides, quick help and search Introducing - Advanced stats Help filesThe help files are now moving into to the game. To the bottom right of your screen you'll find a big help icon. This is the help menu, from here you can access page guides and all help files. The page guides are a great place to start if you're new to the game while the help files section will explain how things work in a more detailed manner. The help files section also comes with a search function to easily find what you're looking for. Most help files texts have been reworked and many new sections have been added. Even so, there may still be gaps to fill, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're missing some info. On top of this, you'll also notice small help icons in the game. These icons can be hovered for a quick tip and clicked to open the corresponding help files section for further reading. Please note that you can hide these help icons by visiting your manager page and select settings from the action menu. Advanced statsIn this release I'm really excited to introduce some advanced stats into the game. I've always been a big fan of hockey stats and it has always been a big part of this game, so it's now time to take the next step by introducing Corsi and PDO stats. These kind of stats is a great help when studying teams' and players' performance over a longer period of time. It's a great tool to predict trends and spot slumps. On team and player pages you will now find a second sub menu for these advanced stats. And this is hopefully just the beginning, we're looking to add more advanced stat types and analytics tools in the future. And if you're now missing some stats from the old views, the missing stat columns may have been moved into the advanced stats section.  Please note that even if the game engine always produced these kind of game situations we never extracted the stats until this point, that's why stats will start to be collected and displayed from your next game and forward. If you're new to these kind of stats and want to know more please note that the newly added help files are updated with a new section regarding these stats. Bug fixes and improvementsSmall adjustment of game engine. Fixed bug where list offer trade offers could not be completely emptied Fixed bug where waiver claim lottery crashed Fixed bug where salary cap info was not displayed correctly when trade offer included players on IR or waivers Fixed bug where an entry level contract could be offered to overaged players Fixed bug where a trade offer could be accepted by the initiate party Fixed bug where salary demands and salary cap could be unsync after team promoted to new level Fixed bug where trade offers was not canceled on transfer deadline Fixed bug where news item displayed wrong start day for next playoff round Fixed bug where some players was not released properly from expiring contracts Fixed bug where conference info for top teams on world page was missing Fixed minor issues with subscriptions Various layout fixes
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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    Can let you know that a new release is coming real soon. The release contains the reworked and integrated help files, important bug fixes and a small but exciting new feature. If you love stats you'll love this feature
    Considered yes, but it requires a lot of work to be done right so it’s not the priority at the moment.
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    StevieY reacted to Paul T in A few suggestions   
    Because I'm in a post-y mood today.  This is mostly a copy and paste from a thread I started over a year ago, with a few items removed, but still think all of these suggestions would be great for the game.
    I would LOVE the ability to export player/league stats into excel.  At the very least, have the league stats page show more than the Top 20.  Maybe top 100-200.  Additionally, I think it would be cool to have some type of stats archive for each league by season - and team by season.  I guess I'm just hoping for some better/expanded options for current season and historical stats without having to dig into them by team and/or player.  For example, if someone wanted to see stats for their league from two seasons ago... or their own team's stats from two seasons ago, etc.
    (2) DRAFT PREP
    I feel that drafting should be a big part of this game.  There are quite a few reasons why managers trade away their draft picks and I think one of the main reasons is not wanting to spend the time preparing for the draft.  I know a few guys on here that do their research and it takes them many hours (15-20 hour range).  Of course you don't have to put THAT much effort into it, but every team gets 2 draft picks and with leagues expanding to 28 teams, there's a lot of data to review.  There has to be an easier way than looking up each player one by one, especially with everything to consider (Current Overall, Improvement, Individual attribute ratings, Stats, Traits, Injury history, Height/Weight).  That's a lot of info to sort through.  I think managers should be encouraged to put some time into the draft, but it should be more efficient.  Not even sure what I'm asking here.  Maybe a way to export some of this info into excel, even if it's just the base info like Overall Rating, Height/Weight, Hand...? 
    This one might need a separate thread/vote.
    Initially discussed here:
    My suggestion was that team should be allowed to play different tactics per line.  So for example, a smaller faster line for transition rushes... a bigger physical line who can crash the net, etc.  I think it would allow managers to get more creative with their lines.  Even if teams were only allowed to become fully familiar with 2 tactics instead of all 4 to keep some sort of identity.  Maybe instead of being familiar with only 1 O/D tactic, teams can be familiar with 2.  I don't know if this is possible and I'm not looking to make this too complex, just looking to add a bit more depth to the game, if possible.
    This one has been discussed a few times over the past 2 years.  I would love the ability to set a lineup for shootouts.  Pick your best 5 players... and if the shootout is tied after 5 shots, have it repeat.  A lot of important games have ended in shootouts recents and you are helpless to the result as you have very little control over it.  Additionally, it would be great if there were separate stats for shootouts.
    Discussed here:
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    StevieY reacted to Deadwing in Season 2 General Chat   
    LOL same here. I cannot describe the level of disappointment. I was sitting in front of the screen precisely at 7:50pm just to realize it's going to be day 108, not 1.
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    StevieY got a reaction from Deadwing in Season 2 General Chat   
    Well, I guess my timing is off. I thought Season 3 started today.
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    StevieY reacted to Paul T in Deferiet Leopards have relocated   
    October 4, 2019 - In a surprising move, the Deferiet Leopards, have relocated to Big Delta USA and the team has been named the Stealheads.  Despite the team's continued success over the past 11 seasons, especially at home, fan attendance was slowly decreasing.  GM Paul T states "we want a market where the fans are passionate about our team and the game - and show up every night to support our club".
    Once named after the 80s Metal band Def Leppard, which embodied their gritty play, and displaying a cat-like logo that emphasized team speed - the team has moved toward a more physically imposing name and logo with the words Big and displaying a rugged Viking looking fella wearing Steel on his head.  This begs one question... will the team shift from a faster style play (Transition) to a bigger, rougher style of play (Crash the Net)?  Only time will tell.  (but probably not)
    The team also slightly modified their black and gold colors, which represented their manager's love for the Boston Bruins and are now ditching the bright yellow for darker, duller colors.  Below is a first look at the team's new primary and secondary uniforms.

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    StevieY reacted to GamePlanHockey in Blog Posts and other updates on our site   
    We've gotten reports that payments have been declined the past few days. This may be due to the new rules that was enforced by September 14th within the EU. See this blog post for more info:
     As the blog post says, we have made updates to our payment and subscription services to fulfil these new requirements. But these updates only affects new users, so all of you that signed up before September 14th may still be affected by banks declining your payments. So if your bank has declined your payment please try to update your payment method by visiting your manager page and choose Subscription from the Action menu. Also note that you can re-enter the same card information as previously. The difference this time is that you may be prompted to confirm the transaction and you're also confirming that you intent to setup a recurring subscription. Subscription payments will be re-tried automatically up to five times within a two week period before being canceled. If this still doesn't help please send us a message at [email protected] Thanks
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    StevieY reacted to AlexanderRasputin in Cage Season 2 Individual Player Awards (GHL)   
    To celebrate the beginning of the 2019/20 NHL season today, the second annual Cage Awards are up!

    I added some categories based on feedback from last year, split the D-men awards, and adjusted ratings for others (i.e. removing +/-). 
    It was once again tough to get into detail, as it is impossible to sort lists bottom up, and only top 20 players by each category are visible, but this should be accurate nevertheless. Including runner-ups as usual. 
    Scoring was down this season in general, so competition was tighter than last, but goalies still seem to rule the Cage world. 
    Have at it.

    ART ROSS TROPHY (Most League Points)
    SAMUEL LUMPKIN (Nightmares) - 75 points    
    Vendelin Jaros (Minutemen)
    Tintin Petterson (Minutemen)
    OVECHKIN TROPHY (Top Goalscorer)
    ELOUAN SCOTT (Red Tide) - 38 goals - RETAINED TITLE               
    Theodore De-Nobile (Leopards)
    Quinton Goff (Battlin Bears)
    GRETZKY TROPHY (Best Playmaker) 
    YAN SHARSHIN (Red Tide) - 47 assists           
    Joaquim Harter (Union)
    Jeremy Lawhorn (Wolverines) / Riyad Lassiseraye (Minutemen)
    VEZINA TROPHY (Best Goaltender)
    KWESI CUTTER (Prairie Stars) - RETAINED TITLE              
    Philipe Haywood (Union)
    Renaud Pettigrew (Hawks)
    ORR TROPHY (Best Offensive Defenceman)
    YAN SHARSHIN (Red Tide)                        
    NORRIS TROPHY (Best Defensive Defenceman)
    MAREK KOCH (Prairie Stars)                       
    ORR - Points leader among defencemen
    NORRIS - Calculated with the following formula among D: [PLUS/MINUS + BKS - GVA + TKA], PER also taken into consideration 
    SELKE TROPHY (Best Defensive Forward)
    ALEKSANDAR SCHALLER (Prairie Stars)                   
    Elouan Scott (Red Tide)
    Chad McGraw (Dragons) 
    Calculated with the following formula among F: [PTS + BKS - GVA + TKA]
    LADY BYNG TROPHY (Most Gentlemanly Player)
    TINTIN PETTERSON (Minutemen)               
    Ian Frerot (Wolverines)
    Cherif Jackson (Union)
    Calculated with the following formula [PTS - PIM]
    HART TROPHY (League MVP)
    KWESI CUTTER (Prairie Stars) - RETAINED TITLE      
    Samuel Lumpkin (Nightmares)
    Philipe Haywood (Union)
    CALDER TROPHY (Best Rookie)
    RADOVAN GIERTL (Steelers)
    GOOD SAMARITAN AWARD (Most Giveaways)
    ADOLFO DURHAM (Owls)   
    ROID RAGE TROPHY (Most Hits + PIM + MP)
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    StevieY reacted to Paul T in Why do you play this game? (aka A tale of two seasons)   
    I agree with the premise here - especially the last section.  For me, it's exactly the same... Competition (which includes manager engagement) and Team Building (which includes both roster and tactics/focus/strategy).
    When the new game worlds were released and shortly after, I debated moving to the Normal world (2 games/day) - after having only played in a Slow world, because that might be more my speed.  The main reason I didn't is because of the competition.  And I'm talking REAL competition.  I wanted to avoid two things.  First, worlds that were largely filled with computer controlled teams.  Second, the few manager teams that were stacked due to ripping off the computer teams via trade (at least that's what we hear about in the forums).  Don't get me wrong, I love that there are a few great teams every season that you can circle on your schedule, but I'd rather those team be built somewhat fairly.  I also wanted a world where managers would communicate regularly.  Not every single day, but it's somewhat lame and downright boring when some go an entire season without posting anything.  I love seeing other managers post stuff on the forums or in chat even if I'm too busy to join in.
    When it comes to team building, I like the strategic aspect of trying to build the best team possible, but also agree with rainsilent that if my team was "too good" it would take some of the fun out of it.  The same goes for having a team that is horrible.  In the old world, I took over a team about to be relegated from BHL to IHL, just in time to win the playoff series and stay in BHL.  I was in BHL for 4 seasons, then SHL for another 4, before promoting to GHL right before the reset.  My favorite seasons were the first couple in both BHL and SHL when the team was good enough to compete for the playoffs, but not good enough to promote.  I really enjoyed the effort it took in building those teams.  Subsequently, my least favorite seasons were the last two.  The season I promoted from SHL to GHL, because my team was just too dominant... then my first season in GHL, because all the good players were taken and my team was just so bad.  It's one of those things that I really don't enjoy being the #1 team, yet I'd be upset if I missed the playoffs.  Somewhere toward the high-middle is preferred.
    I've experimented with a lot of things in this game.  For example, I've used almost every offensive and defensive tactic.  I am currently using the tactics that I find the most exciting and not the ones I think are most productive.  I try to build my team with players who will not only perform well, but players who are intriguing in both ratings and traits.  I collect little tid bits from games here and there and get attached to certain players (i.e. if my team is down a goal in the 3rd and a player wins a fight and sparks a comeback I'll never forget it).
    The most excited I get is around draft time and free agency.  I've been known to trade really good players early in seasons for draft picks.  Probably not the best strategy, but I can't help it.  Wendel made a comment to me one time in that I am never really playing in the current, I am always playing for the future and there's some truth to that.  I really love scouting the draft - that's where most of my hours go.  I also love the thrill of acquiring players in free agency by outbidding other teams.  Again, probably not the BEST strategy as you can just dupe another manager into trading you a similar player with much less salary, but I just can't help it.  To me there's something about getting the players myself.  No knock on trades, I enjoy trading and getting a new player here and there and retooling the lineup, but draft and free agency is just more exciting to me.
    If I ever get bored with it all, I told myself I would attempt to relegate, promote and rebuild.