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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to AlexanderRasputin in S4 GHL Power Rankings   
    Shot must have been from a gun. To put him out of his misery.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to bouncer in [SOLVED] Scouting Report   
    same issue in Cage 
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Paul T in RESEARCH NEEDED - Overtime / Shootout   
    I just had a game where OT only went 1 minute, so this bug is confirmed.  The goalie minutes (61) confirms it.


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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Paul T in Greatest Single Game Performances   
    A while ago someone had mentioned a high (non goalie) performance rating and I forget what it was.  Today, Terho Huhtala had a performance rating of 88.  That might be the highest single game performance I've ever had from a skater position.
    Interesting story around Huhtala.  I acquired him in an early season 2 trade that sent an all star goalie out West in exchange for Huhtala, Amick and a GHL 1st.  The jury is still out on whether it was a bad trade or not as I still feel like the goalie doesn't perform up to his rating, but on paper I probably shouldn't have made it.  I was hesitant to acquire him given his low Defense and Spirit, but he quickly became one of my top scorers in season 2 and always seemed to score in big moments (I guess that Heroic trait means something afterall).  Going into season 3 free agency, one of the games best forwards, Joesph Rackley, became available via relegation.  I decided to make a play for him, but needed to clear some cap first.  Huhtala became the odd man out and the only option was waivers.  I knew it was a giant risk as it left me with a smidge over 10 million to bid.  But... I tried to be sneaky about it, thinking that I could put Huhtala on waivers for an hour or so and recall him if I didn't sign Rackley (I actually made a suggestion quite some time ago that players should stay on waivers for at least 2 days before being able to call them back so don't judge me 😀).  But being on the East Coast, USA makes that plan difficult as free agents happen sometime between 2-4am.  Well around 1am I threw on on waivers and within 10 minutes someone claimed him.   To add insult to injury, my 10.1M bid was not enough to get Rackley as someone else ended up bidding 12+M (thanks Peekaboo... jerk).  So my high risk, high reward plan backfired greatly.  My offense really struggled last season and that was a big reason as I never managed to replace him.  I think the team that put the waiver bid reached out the following day and asked why I had put him on waivers and I explained my reasoning.  I'm pretty sure the other manager either offered to remove the claim or offer some type of trade for him, but I refused stating that I knew it was risky and that I should live with it and let it play out.  Think he ended up with 7-8 bids and eventually went to another Eastern team.  That team ended up relegating last season and I jumped on the chance to get him back... and it's a good thing because over the first 8 games he leads my team in points (7+4) with a +5 and 80 performance.  We are currently 5-0-2-1, but would probably be 1-0-2-5 without him.
    Good times.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    Good memory.  Stang had a career series against me in the season 2 playoffs.
    Slight misperception, though, as I don't rage.  At least not a serious rage as I tend to enjoy when non-standard events occur.  I do remember pointing it out and giving my team the hairdryer treatment because of it.  But at this point I've come to realize that a CHL team would take us out in the playoffs (specifically 3 games to 1).
    Fairly certain the game coding goes something like
    =IF(AND(Manager="Paul T",Game="Round 1 of Playoffs"),Lose series 3-1,jump to rest of code)
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to rainsilent in Cage trash talk   
    Energy line is about 60% of your answer. Shut down is that but only to the skilled players on the opposing team. The last 40% is the players you put on that line. Most managers seem to be wary of making such a line as the players in question typically lack skill for physicality and spirit.
    Edit: The next thing is that you have to give the players enough time on ice to make a positive difference. I see a lot of 4th lines playing 6-8 minutes a night. That is too little time on ice to have a positive impact in the desired role. Don't be afraid to give your 4th line 10-12 minutes a night. So long as you have them in the right role playing the right line style and they are comfortable playing in your system they will do well. Case in point Matthew Stang. Remember when another manager was raging at the fact that Stang essentially won a playoff series for my team? His performance rating is in the green for a very good reason despite his apparent lack of skill.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Steve in Cage trash talk   
    I'd love a targeting option.  For instance, we already have Left Wing Lock, why not have a target for certain player, etc.  I also wish we could differentiate between lines the tactic they use.  Some I want to be assholes, others I want to only take a punch and walk away.  Having everyone on the team with the same tactic takes away the point of having different lines.  But realize I am nitpicking at this point!  But there are teams where all I really care about is hurting them as much as possible no matter the final score, haha.  Just give us THAT option and I'll be happy!
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Balazs in Season 7 Chat   
    We are the Lords of the Overtime! We are huffing and puffing and always find ourselves in an uphill battle, and if we don't lose in regulation time, then comes the lucky escape! I have a suspicion that there will be no lucky escape against the Sebastian Storm. They have a superior squad, and Dave "granpubah" Calloway is a very experienced manager with great tactical skill. I have learnt a lot about the game's tactical aspects just watching his team, and analyzing our battles. My team started the career in the LIHL, the Storm is a well settled SHL team, so it will be a great challenge.
    Smashvilles4Real is going to travel to the Knights, they have a terrific team, so Smash need to dig deep if they want to steal some points!:) The Knights offered me Dawkins in a trade, and I feel some regret because I rejected the offer.
    That's an interesting trade:
    From Knights (SHL) to Twisters (BHL)
    SHL level 1st round pick
    SHL level 2nd round pick
    SHL level 2nd round pick
    From Twisters to Knights
    CHL level 1st round pick
    CHL level 2nd round pick
    CHL level 1st round pick
    BHL level 2nd round pick
    J. Marquardt (C) 31, years enforcer overall rating 71.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to neuralhandshake in Season 7 Chat   
    Totally beefed it! Well, not too badly. But I put in my weaker tendy and got bit
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Balazs in Season 7 Chat   
    Tomorrow in the early hours (here in Hungary) the Steam will have a big-big challenge, they are going to head-to-head with the Big Ducks. The Portland team found their captain and some magic formula and they won 4 games in a row! :) Packer the Steam's center has 14 points after 11 games (4+10), Tage Thomsen has 7+9 so he is the most effective attacker in the other team. This will be a great game, I am going to check the result after I wake up! :)
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Paul T in S4 GHL Power Rankings   
    Good stuff... thanks, Wendel!
    I am surprised my goalie doesn't bump my ranking down more.  He's only better than teams 11-14, but worst out of the Top 10 teams in the East.  Let's see how that plays out again.
    Also hope everything is good with Erzac.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Wendel Clark in S4 GHL Power Rankings   
    Eastern Conference
    1. Slaughterville Red Tide (Alexander Rasputin)
    OFF: 88,5 DEF: 88,7 SG: 93 OVR: 88,9
    2. Sheshegwaning Dragons (Ives Pa)
    OFF: 88,0 DEF: 88,8 SG: 91 OVR: 88,6
    3. Big Delta Stealheads (Paul T)
    OFF: 88,2 DEF: 88,3 SG: 88 OVR: 88,2
    4. St.Thomas Stray Cats (Erzac Ray)
    OFF: 86,1 DEF: 88,8 SG: 96 OVR: 88,1
    5. Sault Ste Marie Battlin Bears (Joe Leconte)
    OFF: 87,3 DEF: 88,0 SG: 88 OVR: 87,7
    6. Lake Viking Bulldogs (Max Mol)
    OFF: 86,1 DEF: 88 SG: 94 OVR: 87,6
    7. Rome Trojans (Yann Rock)
    OFF: 85,4 DEF: 88,5 SG: 92 OVR: 87,3
    8. Maxville Vortex (Tyrod Gibson)
    OFF: 86,7 DEF: 86,0 SG: 91 OVR: 86,7
    9. Kingston Kamikaze (Antti Hänninen)
    OFF: 85,0 DEF: 87,0 SG: 93 OVR: 86,5
    10. Mango Duhawks (Dr. Jones)
    OFF: 85,8 DEF: 85,3 SG: 91 OVR: 86,0
    Tied 11. Bodmin Bangers (Sakari Lindholm)
    OFF: 85,3 DEF: 86,2 SG: 87 OVR: 85,8
    Tied 11. Cedar Rapids Minutemen (Richard Armour)
    OFF: 85,5 DEF: 86,2 SG: 86 OVR: 85,8

    13. Mount Airy Savage Storm (Jason New)
    OFF: 84,3 DEF: 85,3 SG: 86 OVR: 84,9
    14. Frains Golden Bears (Computer)
    OFF: 79,8 DEF: 84,2 SG: 82 OVR: 82,0

    Western Conference
    1. Kegashka Prairie Stars (Ferris Mason)
    OFF: 87,8 DEF: 91,3 SG: 94 OVR: 89,9
    2. West Chicago Hawks (Richard Feynman)
    OFF: 87,0 DEF: 88,2 SG: 95 OVR: 88,2
    3. Scandinavia Steelers (J Jono)
    OFF: 87,3 DEF: 88,0 SG: 92 OVR: 88,0
    4. Vauban Tomahawks (Ben \)
    OFF: 87,5 DEF: 87,7 SG: 92 OVR: 87,9
    5. Eastern Outlaws (The Champ)
    OFF: 86,3 DEF: 88,2 SG: 92 OVR: 87,6
    6. Eldred Elite (Steven Bennett)
    OFF: 87 DEF: 87,8 SG: 87 OVR: 87,4
    7. Ithaca Ricochet (Marc S)
    OFF: 84,6 DEF: 89,2 SG: 93 OVR: 87,3
    8. Enigma Rage (Wendel Clark)
    OFF: 87,4* DEF: 86,7* SG: 88 OVR: 87,1
    (*Used two D as F)
    9. Yonker Wolverines (Jiri Heikkala)
    OFF: 85,7 DEF: 87,8 SG: 88 OVR: 86,8
    10. Rycroft Red Thunder (Torbjörn Johansson)
    OFF: 86,8 DEF: 85,2* SG: 87 OVR: 86,1
    (*Used 13th C/F as 6th D, since there is only 5 D)
    11. Richibucto Masons (Dr. Wendt)
    OFF: 84,3 DEF: 85,8 SG: 90 OVR: 85,5
    12. Pittsboro Plastic Attack (Makate Naekfor)
    OFF: 83,8 DEF: 86,8 SG: 86 OVR: 85,4
    13. Blenheim Pirates (Martin J)
    OFF: 82,1 DEF: 84,7 SG: 88 OVR: 83,7
    14. Thetford Mines Pegasus (Jeff Hamm)
    OFF: 82,3 DEF: 82,0 SG: 83 OVR: 82,2

    Calculated on day 8 of S4, using:
    Team OVR = (OFF + (DEF*2) + (SG*2))/26
    OFF: ovr sum of best 12 centers/forwards
    DEF: ovr sum of best 6 defenders
    SG: ovr of starting goalie
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Peekaboo in The Mystery of Winner Instinct (Mega Thread)   
    what I noticed is that trading or signing players rises your winner instinct, then it gradually declines...
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to GamePlanHockey in Current road map   
    This would improve the free agency for sure! I will add this to the future backlog.
    It's coming real soon. The new scouting feature is actually finished and I'm making some additional bug fixes and improvements. Couldn't make the release as promised in January but expect this in the beginning of February.
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    Tyrod Gibson got a reaction from Smashvilles4Realz in Season 7 Chat   
    Great game Smash!
    That game looked like it got close in the end, but the loss really took it's toll. This resulted in nobody showing up defensively next game (possibly due to hangover).  After some nights of heavy drinking back at the duck pond, The Ducks seemed to of finally snap of it,  stopping our little tailspin.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to AlexanderRasputin in Season 7 Chat   
    Agreed - keep it coming! Big Ducks are my early-season favourite, I've seen them build their team for the past 3 seasons, and they should shake some things up in the GHL if they get there. Tigers are a team to watch, as well as the Fighting Knights - will be keeping an eye on them all this season.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Wick Schozen in Season 7 Chat   
    It's really positive to see that the SHL in Buzzer is really active this season. Hoping the GHL can follow suit a bit. Good luck this season guys!
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Balazs in Season 7 Chat   
    That was a great match!
    The Whalers had an excellent start, but the Big Ducks nearly came back from 4 goals behind. The Whalers have some excellent scandinavian players, and they didn't let the team down.
    The Tigers had a hard fought victory in the overtime, and it was a real disappointment for me. Our finishing was really poor, we had a lot of chances, and we scored only one in the regulation time. We are going to badly miss these points at the end of the season.
    Today we are going to lock the horns with the Whales. Where are the Whalers when we badly need them?  
    My favourite jersey is the second one, I have a nostalgic feeling when I look on them, it looks like the "old" Hartford Whales' jersey.
    The Steam has an excellent squad, maybe there are some issues with the Teamwork. After some unlucky defeats, they had an invaluable away victory. This is a performance they can build on.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Paul T in Cage trash talk   
    Chene seems like a great player to me.  I don't think he'll ever be a top offensive player in the league, but a great defensive asset, which can be just as valuable.  He'll rack up the points if paired with the right players.
    Offensively seems best suited as a Two Way role or Power Forward.  Would probably be perfect for a Crash the Net system... and a really good fit for Possession or Dump and Chase.  Might lack a bit with Transition Rushes.  Definitely a Top 6 forward, especially on a Two Way line.
    In my opinion, his best value is on the PK where he can play C or F, which is one of the first things I look for when building a team.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Peekaboo in Cage trash talk   
    I use him with Ranta-Lamoreux-Chene... I'd say one of the best 2nd lines in the league
    Anyways... due to his bad faceoffs, I did all kinds of experiments... At one point, he was centering my 4th (energy) line as powerforward... but used him on all special units as a winger (both 1st and 2nd pp and 1st pk). His minutes varied from 10 to 20+. But as you could anticipate, his results were not so consistent. I moved him on winger on the 2nd late in last season and he seems to be ok there.
    I do play my 2nd and 3rd line as twoway, so he fits my playstyle perfectly.
    I guess time will tell
    He is always valuable trade asset, due to his skills and traits.
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    Tyrod Gibson got a reaction from AlexanderRasputin in Season 7 Chat   
    Our wings have been working overtime to compensate for our lack of hands!
    I was expecting a good start for the ducks but not 7-0-0-0! this is going to be a big test tonight against our conference rivals, The New Hartford Whalers!
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    Tyrod Gibson got a reaction from Smashvilles4Realz in Season 7 Chat   
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, after spending 2 seasons in the SHL i just kept adding and adding more to what i had so my teams teamwork stayed really high with mostly green egos.  The (Mighty) Big Ducks won't be heading south this winter, that's for sure.
    Damn those look really good!  That 3rd jersey looks like somebody really ticked off the fisherman(king) from the home/away. Lets hope the fisherman keeps his shirt on against us tonight hahaha.
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Balazs in Season 7 Chat   
    Good looking jerseys! :)
    I think the Big Ducks are going to win this derby, they have an excellent squad, Tyrod has one of the strongest team in this division, and they will have the home advantage. Off course I support for the Whalers, because I see the Ducks are preparing to fly away. :) I think they are not just Big Ducks, they are the Mighty Ducks... :)
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Smashvilles4Realz in Season 7 Chat   
    Then New Hartford Whalers are proud to announce the teams new collection of home-away-alt jerseys!         Be sure to order yours today!!
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    Tyrod Gibson reacted to Peekaboo in Cage trash talk   
    I find him ok so far, as a twoway winger