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    Thunderhawks got a reaction from Naslund26 in Player Stat options   
    Right now in the league menu, we can see the top 20 players in the league for different stats, but we cant search different player positions.. so for example, you can only see the top 3 defensemen on the main league menu. I would also extend the list to show top 50 from top 20 as the leagues have just about doubled in size. But this is more just stat fluff for us stat junkies so it is by no means a top of the list issue, just an idea. 
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    Thunderhawks reacted to TheWizard in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    I'm right there with you, working my way up from the LIHL.  It's always a fun challenge!
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    Thunderhawks reacted to neuralhandshake in Game Plan Hockey Manager 2.0 - Release date announced!   
    On my desktop computer, everything looks HUGE like it does on the mobile version. Is there a way to fix this? Is this normal?
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    Thunderhawks reacted to GamePlanHockey in Release: Fall 2018 (Just to keep you posted!)   
    The Blog post part 2 has now been updated with the following.
    Price for an subscription is changed from $3.50 -> $2.99 / month. No big change I know.
    But here's the real news. (Copy paste from the blog post).
    Special offer to all our current users
    We really want to show our appreciation to all of you who currently play this game and to keep as many of you as we possibly can. That’s why all of our current users, that sign up within the first month after the release, will be offered a lifetime $1.99 subscription plan PLUS getting one extra team for free. That is two teams for $1.99/month.  Note that secondary teams must be created in a different game world. Free leaguesThe subscription plan described above is required for participating in the main competition (LIHL -> GHL). But we also  want to offer some free to play option.  That’s why we will introduce a separate league structure called Free Hockey Leagues (FHL) within each and every game world. These leagues will be below LIHL level attracting players around 40-60 overall. Leagues will be completely free for users to play in, no subscription required. Teams can not promote from this leagues but there will be a playoff after the regular season with a designated winner.  Most but not all features will be available in these leagues. For instance is youth draft not available but trades are.  Even if separate FHL will play an important part of the game world since teams in the league will interact and sign free agents from the same free agent pool as the competition leagues. This means that they will help create world history, for instance players evolving in free leagues continuing their career in higher leagues. ---
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    Thunderhawks reacted to Glawing in Cheating Thread- Dangles   
    Adam Wennberg and 3 other accounts are banned for life. 
    Thanks for reporting!
    We will keep hunting but need your help! For the information in the release this fall there will be greater protection against cheaters.