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  1. Detroit confirms. Malcotent vet out, for prospect of reasonable value at a level where we need players.
  2. Detroit confirms. We believe Cody will be an upgrade above Braun and will have had more time to develop for what we believe is our contention window. We have depth where we’re giving up MacMurchie and Sabato.
  3. The Detroit Tigers send: Lewis Brinson, LF (MLB) Wilton Nicholson, SS (A+) Mauro Feliciano, 2B (INTL Complex) The Milwaukee Brewers send: Adam Eaton, LF (AAA) $1.2M Cash This trade allows the Tigers to throw another highly patient batter into hitting coach Tony Sanders playhouse and see what he can do with him. Eaton will help spell the oft-injured Jason Heyward from the outfield and allow him to DH a bit more to stay healthy. The $1.2M plus Brinson offsets the $1.8M salary for Eaton. Feliciano is a fun super young guy that Milwaukee will get to gamble on and Nicholson is currently just minor league depth for us. Eaton is an upgrade for us over Brinson, if only slightly less accomplished in LF.
  4. The Tigers have sent: Chip Jackson, SP, Toledo (AAA) Josh Wolf, SP, Norwich (A-) In exchange for: Al Patterson, RP, Round Rock (AAA) The Tigers still have a glut of similar-ish SP prospects across various levels, but with a need for players that can begin to contribute during their contention window (2023/2024). Al Patterson, who is well reknown throughout the nation, will provide a boost to the Tigers bullpen and will likely step into the stopper role held by Tewksbury last season before being promoted to closer after the departure of Mark Lopez. While Patterson didn't find immediate success with the White Sox last year, we expect him to slide nicely into a late innings role with Picot and Mason. Chip Jackson will be missed, as he was likely to get a trial run in the rotation at some point, especially with Mori and Wymer struggling on the big club, but ultimately we feel Patterson will be a better fit for the current roster construction.
  5. Detroit confirms this deal. We have a glut of corner outfielders and are looking to build some more talent with strong centerfield skills after a couple of key prospect departures last year. Bradfield is well liked by head scout Kyle Stanley and fits into the Detroit organizational concept which is solely devoted to not winning games. Okay, we kid, but seriously, Bradfield will be a nice spec for us to see if we can develop him to the maximum of his scouting report potential.
  6. Greg Peoples (LF) - Syracuse Chiefs to the Tigers in exchange for Juan Rosado (P) - Lakeland Flying Tigers A Tigers are looking for MLB/AAA depth in the outfield and are continuing to deal from their strength, which is pitching. Peoples can step in and play LF right now and audition to keep the role for the next several years.
  7. The Tigers are looking to free up more money to spend on player development and scouting as they enter Year 4 of the full on rebuild. Kinney is a nice player, one we have the luxury of being able to deal with Sherburne and Venables behind him and Rosa and Robles in the outfield infront of him. He ended up being the best fit to move the Votto contract. We added another “stuff first” reliever to the system as we look to throw as much bullpen firepower into the system to see what sticks for 2023 and beyond.
  8. After nearly a week of negotiations, the Detroit Tigers agree to send: Mark Lopez, RP (MLB) Israel Cruz, LF (MLB) with 5% retention over 2 years $5M In exchange, the Astros agree to send: Gary Hardy, IF (AAA) Jason Groome, P (AAA) Cristia Bishop, P (A) The Tigers have enjoyed their 1-2 punch with the two very cost-controlled pieces of Tweksbury and Lopez, however this is a luxury that a full-rebuild team doesn't need to hold. We believe all three of these pieces can make contributions to the 2023 roster and push us toward our first playoff appearance that year. In particular, Hardy will add more depth to our infield and will be expected to start somewhere in 2023. Groome will get 2021 to try and develop as a starter, but may end up being in the bullpen long-term where we believe he can serve in a setup roll. Bishop is a former first round pick with high end stuff. He stalled a bit in the low minors as a starter, but we believe he can push through the rest of the system quickly in a relief role.
  9. Tigers are looking to move Castillo for a couple of arms to plug in for now and a lotto ticket for the rebuild.
  10. Confirmed because we want more talent for our contention window
  11. The Tigers and Nationals have quickly come to an agreement that will send: Chris Hensley, AAA, SU/CL to Washingonton in exchange for: Cristhian Adames, ML, SS to Detroit. This will help shore up our infield defense and hopefully appease Jordan Lyles and Mark Lopez and their plethora of groundballs. Adames has a might fine set of defensive skills.
  12. Detroit confirms. We want to generate some bullpen depth at the Major League level and McDowell is cheap help and under team control for a couple more years. Jake Thomas has been great in just under a seasons worth of starts in A-ball, but will need to make big strides to crack the Detroit pen or rotation in 2-3 years.
  13. Tigers send Adam Black, CF, WMI (A) Braves send Xavier Noonan, 3B, GWI (AAA) The Tigers need to shuffle some of their assets forward to plan for a contention window that centers around the 2022 season. We also desperately needed to solve the SS/3B/CF crisis we've had for a while now. Xavier Noonan should play above average defense at 3B while posting some high OBPs and ISOs. We need a bunch of that. Adam Black, who we also love, we see as a 2023 call-up and doesn't quite for the contention window right now and plays a position that will ultimately be taken by Ricardo Rosa for a long, long time (RF).
  14. Anthony Rendon? Sadly, not. However, we've agreed to swap blocked prospects. Jon Payton, AA Erie, RF for Lewis Brinson, AAA Durham, CF Brinson will get an immediate shot in Detroit.