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  1. Cardinals receive: Ricardo Rosa, RF (MLB) Tigers receive: Masato Igarashi, 3B (INTL) Rosa lost his starting job when Sherburne became the better option in RF. He's not appreciating his role as a 4th OF and we're likely not utilizing him enough to let him shine. I'm glad he'll have a spot in St. Louis. In return, we receive Igarashi, who is a very talented, toolsy kid, just shy of 18 years of age. He'll join us for Rookie ball sooner than later.
  2. Yup, this is the modified deal.
  3. Mets get l: Erick Peña (R) Tigers get: Miguel Velasquez (MLB) Tigers looking to add some veteran sluggers down the stretch. Peña is neat, but a long ways out. Something to dream on for the Mets.
  4. Tigers receive: Jake Hager (MLB) Yankees receive: Fernando Zapata (AAA) Looking to kill two birds with one stone. Some veteran leadership and a reserve middle infielder to backfill Dansby Swanson. We’re fully loaded in the OF/1B for the foreseeable future, so Zapata made sense as a guy to deal.
  5. Noonan killing our clubhouse vibe and making Arenado hate everyone. Cody wants to test FA. As a non-contender this had to get done. Got some nice future pieces to play around with.
  6. Well it can’t work out worse than Scalise? Right? Seriously though, we’re in our contention window and need another bat to stay as deep as we need to be to make a run. Freeman is a fun little piece but we feel like India can make an impact here and take over 2B for a while. Joey Everts is part of our pitching pipeline depth and we’ve had a lot of asks on him. Hard to part with but it’s time to contend.
  7. Detroit sends: Keston Hiura, IF/DH, Detroit Tigers Colorado sends: Thomas Hershiser, P, Asheville Tourists (COL, A) Tyler Freeman, 2B, New Britain Rock Cats (COL, AA) The Tigers are looking to replenish some of their minor league stock as well as open the DH spot for Jake Venables. Huira had a breakout season for the Tigers but this move helps us in two ways. We can re-jigger the outfield and get Lucas Edgar to his natural LF spot, opening CF for Enrique Bradfield and also gives us another high floor pitching prospect to develop while Liberatore, Scalise, Cody and Dumont do their thing for the next few years as they march toward free agency.
  8. This deal has 100% retention coming from the Miami side.
  9. We simply do not have space for Holland and Hardy on this team, so it made sense to give them a shot elsewhere. Cam will provide that veteran leadership and hopefully give Lewis some time to sort things out while he's captain of the struggle bus. Seager, who knows, just a guy who can play some defense around the diamond and has a little pop that should fit well into our park. Comer will likely step right into Detroit as well as a bullpen piece. Just adding some guys to see what happens down the stretch. We confirm the deal.
  10. Tigers confirm the deal to add Scalise to their 2024 World Series rotation. With Arenado in the lineup for the forseeable future and another great 3B prospect in the system, we could move GSJ pretty easily. Kloffenstein has a really bright future, either in a rotation or in the pen, depending how he develops but with our contention window opening pretty rapidly we're opting for the sure thing in Scalise. Larkin was the one guy that was tough to move, but he's not without his warts (and tremendous power/speed upside). From a financial perspective, we're happy to hitch our wagons to Scalise through 2024 at a reasonable contract and not be on the hook for anything really that long term. Liberatore, Cody, Scalise and Suarez anchor a veteran playoff rotation while creating more time for top prospect Jason Dumont to develop in AAA. All-in-all we're looking at winning the Central and seeing what we can do in the playoffs.
  11. Detroit sends: Landon Leach, SP (AAA) Chicago sends: Rafael Luna, SS (MLB) 100% contract retained Pretty straight-forward deal here. We rent Luna's glove for a pitching prospect where we have depth. Luna takes over for Cortez.
  12. San Fran sends: James Paxton (MLB) - 25% retention of his 2022 total salary Detroit sends: Rafael Perez, RP (A+) Sam Petzinger (A+) We firmly believe James Paxton will blow ass for us with his BABIP regression coming and his propensity to give up homers and walk dudes. But since we’re wrong about every fucking thing related to pitching, why the fuck not. Muller blows and Wymer has been hurt and Mori sucks ass and Dumont won’t be ready, so Paxton it is. He’ll have a 6ERA before you can say “what the fuck were you thinking, Jim?”
  13. We have, indeed, reached another agreement with Tony and the Nationals. We've agreed to continue to send out our starting pitching depth in the minors to shore up our 26 man roster in Detroit. With the departure of Cristian Adames (FA) and Gary Hardy being the only thing you could technically refer to as a SS on our roster we've decided to add Cortez pop n glove to our roster. Cortez will play a UT MI role in Detroit.
  14. Nationals send: Devin Lewis, C (ML) Tigers send: Victor Robles, OF (ML) George Valera, OF (A+) Tommy Bartlett 1B/OF (A+) While I believe this deal speaks for itself, the Tigers were looking to add a middle of the lineup, legit thumper type bat to their lineup. Victor Robles is a great player in his own right, defensively and offensively, but with Venables, Sherburne and Bradfield coming through to Detroit in 2022-2023 we felt like we could solve the catcher issue indefinitely by acquiring Lewis. Valera and Bartlett were added more or less as secondary pieces to sweeten the deal. We didn't have huge plans for either player, though it will be a hit to the minor league development pipeline as we liked both players.
  15. Rockies send: Lucas Edgar, LF (AAA) Tigers send: Griffin Roberts, P (AAA) DaShawn Kiersey, Jr., OF (AA) The Tigers are deep in pitching talent and we were willing to part with the nasty stuff Griffin Roberts has in exchange for another MLB-Pro caliber outfielder. Edgar can immediately slot into our lineup, steal a bunch of bases and provides us with exceptional defense. In the event that Venables continues to struggle he gives us another capable corner OF at a modest cost for what we presume will be a playoff run in 2023. Kiersey Jr. is included in the deal to bridge the gap between MLB-Pro ready talent and Roberts who may or may not be an SP in the long run.