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  1. Confirmed because we want more talent for our contention window
  2. The Tigers and Nationals have quickly come to an agreement that will send: Chris Hensley, AAA, SU/CL to Washingonton in exchange for: Cristhian Adames, ML, SS to Detroit. This will help shore up our infield defense and hopefully appease Jordan Lyles and Mark Lopez and their plethora of groundballs. Adames has a might fine set of defensive skills.
  3. Detroit confirms. We want to generate some bullpen depth at the Major League level and McDowell is cheap help and under team control for a couple more years. Jake Thomas has been great in just under a seasons worth of starts in A-ball, but will need to make big strides to crack the Detroit pen or rotation in 2-3 years.
  4. Tigers send Adam Black, CF, WMI (A) Braves send Xavier Noonan, 3B, GWI (AAA) The Tigers need to shuffle some of their assets forward to plan for a contention window that centers around the 2022 season. We also desperately needed to solve the SS/3B/CF crisis we've had for a while now. Xavier Noonan should play above average defense at 3B while posting some high OBPs and ISOs. We need a bunch of that. Adam Black, who we also love, we see as a 2023 call-up and doesn't quite for the contention window right now and plays a position that will ultimately be taken by Ricardo Rosa for a long, long time (RF).
  5. Anthony Rendon? Sadly, not. However, we've agreed to swap blocked prospects. Jon Payton, AA Erie, RF for Lewis Brinson, AAA Durham, CF Brinson will get an immediate shot in Detroit.
  6. I bet you thought this would be Jordan Lyles? Well, you're wrong. Minor deal. Tigers send minor league starting pitcher Kyle Wulff (WMI) to the Blue Jays in exchange for 3B Issaco Sico. We have a black hole at 3b and a surplus of arms scattered through the minors. Sico looks like he can step in and immediately be a corner infielder for us.
  7. Confirmed. We are throwing all the OFs against the wall to see what sticks.
  8. All confirmed up. we could use a proper infielder in the big club with the wasteland we have at 2B/SS/3B right now. Russell will get an immediate try out.
  9. Tigers send Kole Calhoun to Milwaukee for AA SP Eisuke Mori. We hold this trade to be self-evident... I mean, yeah, Calhoun is a FA after this season and we have to keep cutting salary to get into a cash positive situation. Combine that with the fact that we're rostering 7 OFs at the major league level. Someone had to go and Kole was the most valuable. Mori, we love him. Our scout loves him, and our starting pitching for 2021-2022 gets another boost.
  10. The Detroit Tigers, in full-blown rebuild mode have decided to part with 27 year old shortstop Michael Sharp and 26 year old centerfielder Byron Buxton. In exchange for these two major league pieces, the Tigers have acquired 20 year old starting pitching prospect Eric Braun (R) and 21 year old shortstop prospect Will Holland (A). The Tigers are looking to build around their 2022 core which should consist of top prospects Jake Venables (CF), Michael Wheeloc (1B), Ricardo Rosa (RF), Keston Hiura (2B/3B), and potential frontline starting pitchers Matthew Liberatore (SP), Sean Wymer (SP). Braun adds depth to the future starting rotation, anchored by Jordan Lyles for the foreseeable future while Will Holland looks like an above average league starter with the power potential to grow into a star with some swing and miss issues. We love Holland's work ethic attribute.
  11. I’ll toss in $50k with the bud to make it legal. We need healthy bodies and the owner gave us some cash!
  12. Tigers confirm. Brach was a good rebound project for us this year and this was always our plan to buy low and flip him for a prospect. The money was irrelevant for us, we just need to keep acquiring pieces for our rebuild. Greg Arthur has a nice loud tool for us to be excited about.
  13. The Detroit Tigers are sad to part ways with local fan favorite Josh Johnson. In exchange for 60% salary retention over the remaining dollars owed Johnson, the Tigers will receive: BLUE JAYS SEND: Tommy Hanson, SP Jeremy Kinney, CF Michael Wheeloc, 1B Anthony Chapman, SP Tyler Callihan, 2B TIGERS SEND: Josh Johnson, SP 60% salary retained At the end of the day, the Tigers needed to part way with Johnson and significant salary retention was the only thing drawing offers. By retaining something like $80M over the rest of the contract, the Tigers were looking for players that could amount to a significant contribution in the future. Wheeloc looks like he could be an OBP machine for years to come and considering the park factors in Detroit we're not super concerned with over the fence type power. Tyler Callihan is a favorite of our scout, Jed Hoyer, who believes he has a special bat. Anthony Chapman we feel will breeze through AAA and contribute at the ML level beginning in 2020. We're hoping he can be a middle of the rotation (best case) and back-end rotation starter (worst case) during the next Tigers playoff run. Finally, Jeremy Kinney is a recent draftee that allows us to stockpile another solid prospect while the rebuild continues throughout all levels of the Detroit Tigers org.
  14. Detroit is continuing the teardown-rebuild and fan/city favorite Kolton Wong has to move on to a contender. We wish him well and hope this brings him happiness. In return for the oncoming fan backlash the Tigers receive two highly thought of younger pitching prospects in Leach and Perez. We’re excited to bring them into our farm system.