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  1. Wolverine sports is fantastic and so much fun to play
  2. Definitely here for the cool mod downloads to help make the games even better
  3. I am having trouble downloading the photo mod and I have made many posts
  4. You will need to buy the game first and have it already downloaded
    What a great file and addition to this game! Big thanks
  5. Does the new game include the correct G league teams and players and logos too??
  6. I think the ability to use the CB draft from the game and be able to see all of that from the new PB game is cool
  7. I know you can download college logos and teams but is there a league file to use in a career mode and not just single season?
  8. Are the new players drafted yesterday inlcuded? Is there a mod?
  9. Are the new draft picks from yesterday added to their teams that drafted them?
  10. I truly enjoy this site and very thankful for all the hard work. Another great game