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    gccsteel got a reaction from Mark Z in LIHL Players   
    Bringing this one back from the dead because I think it is a real problem with an easy solution.
    There are a couple of teams in my LIHL league that have top 2 lines filled with 65+ players. No way this is by design but rather “lucky” as others have posted. Problem being there are so few owners that the early birds get REALLY lucky and it is frustrating being a new owner and seeing there are stacked teams that you can’t compete with.
    The solution in my mind is to make contracts scale closer with overall instead of however they are scaling now. Remove the “won’t sign with you right now” or at least loosen it up.
    One guy has a 68 overall forward he signed this year for 33k which is INSANE. That player is firmly in the copper league skill wise and is playing for peanuts in the LIHL. He should be requesting 100-150k based on his skill alone (5-7% of CHL cap). 70 overall should be looking closer to 10% (215k) of CHL cap.
    This way, you can grab one or two players outside of your league skill, but will break the bank if you sign too many. You have to be more STRATEGIC and less “lucky”. New owners can target one or two great players to build around or go for depth with proper league skill levels.
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    gccsteel reacted to Wick Schozen in Not being able to sign free agents at the end of the season   
    In Buzzer teams are releasing their players at the end of the season that they aren't going to resign. That' fine because it allows managers to get a good look at their cap situation heading into next season. But the way it currently stands in the game those players are immediately signed to extensions by other teams and will not be apart of silly season. 
    That seems like it defeats the purpose of having a start of season signing period if at the end of the season when teams release these players that would be available during that time but instead they already all have extensions in place. 
    There should be a hold on signing players outside of your roster I'd say when the transfer deadline takes effect until silly season opens. You can still sign your own guys, but if a player is released they should not be allowed to sign with another team until the first day of the new season. 
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    gccsteel got a reaction from MarkZ in Contract & Waivers claim   
    It should remove the 1W designation if he moves up a league. Same way that when you promote your 1W players lose the designation.
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    gccsteel got a reaction from MarkZ in Skills for Tactics   
    So there is plenty out there for what skills are best for certain tactics. But I have a clarifying question. How much does it matter for defenders to match the offense tactic and forwards to match defense tactic?
    I am running dump and chase for example. Do my defenders need to be good skaters? I see a lot of teams running this strategy with poor skating defenders. Are they losing something or am I wasting my time trading slow defenders for less skilled fast ones? Maybe defenders just need pass and shoot since they don’t really chase the puck as much?